Joe Biden speech to Congress will tout ‘success’ of coronavirus tyranny

Joe Biden coronavirus tyranny

Joe Biden is expected to give his first joint address to Congress later this week to what will be a sea of empty seats — the in-person audience is expected to be about 200 people due to House COVID restrictions — to gin up support for his far-left agenda. He is also expected to tout the “success” of coronavirus tyranny, the “200 million shots” of experimental, non-FDA approved coronavirus vaccinations he’s administered, and how life and work in America are about to return to “normal” after nearly a year and a half of coronavirus mandates and lockdowns.

In what is now considered the new normal for our once-great Republic, we are expected to show our gratitude to Joe Biden and the State for benevolently giving back the rights they were never empowered to take in the first place. But even with the so-called good news about America’s grand re-opening and how we are on the road back to the way things used to be only a little over a year ago, the reality is that liberty has been changed forever.

From the beginning of coronavirus hysteria, conservatives like me have been warning about how government could leverage the so-called crisis into an opportunity to do things it couldn’t constitutionally do otherwise, bartering a little safety in exchange for a “little” liberty. Under this ruse, we have seen an explosion of socialism, a push for the creation of a New World Order under a plan known as the Great Reset over the past year.

Even before his inauguration, Joe Biden relied on coronavirus tyranny to kick-start his far-left agenda.

In his search for a “solution” to the so-called pandemic, Biden spoke with global leaders on how to best turn America into a police state to make it easier for Big Brother to control the virus populous. Biden also took coronavirus global when he appointed John Kerry as his “climate envoy” — because in Joe and Jerry land, coronavirus and global warming are related issues — which is what led to Kerry’s speech at a panel discussion hosted by the World Economic Forum and his commitment that he and Biden were committed to involving America in the Great Reset project.

Unfortunately, many remain unconvinced about government’s tyrannical ambitions and the lengths those in power are willing to go to seize full control of our lives; even professing Christians and so-called conservatives have warmed up to coronavirus tyranny.

In today’s Christian world, refusing to wear a mask or be vaccinated isn’t only a violation of Romans 13 (the infamously taken out-of-context “submit to government authority” scripture), it also means you’re not sufficiently “pro-life.” And according to so-called conservatives, refusing to submit to coronavirus tyranny means you’re a nihilist (a person who rejects all religious and moral principles because life is meaningless).

Joe Biden has kicked coronavirus tyranny up several notches in the weeks since his inauguration. Though not all these items are directly tied to Uncle Joe, here a just a few of the ways COVID has been used since he took office:

  • January – It is announced that a digital COVID vaccine passport is being jointly developed by a group of health and technology companies who anticipate that governments, airlines, and others will soon start asking people for proof that they have received the vaccination.
  • January – After an increase in student suicides due to remote learning, public schools address the issue by spying on children via their government-issued remote learning computers.
  • February – Harvard Medical School and the Lancet Commission on Reparations and Redistributive Justice release a study claiming that systemic racism made COVID worse for Black Americans, and that trillions of dollars in slavery reparations are necessary to make things better.
  • March – Climate scientists publish a report documenting how, in order to the meet goals spelled out in the Paris Climate Agreement, pandemic lockdowns need to occur once every two years to end global warming and keep the earth at “safe” temperature levels.
  • March – A new push is made to create and implement Universal Basic Income as socialism’s panacea to ending coronavirus and poverty.
  • March – Government-mandated COVID vaccine passports begin rolling out in select cities in America and around the world.
  • April – Donald Trump and Ivanka’s dream of government-mandated national paid family leave gains new bipartisan momentum.
  • April – Joe Biden’s $2 trillion coronavirus tyranny relief package includes hidden bailouts for public employee pension programs.

Biden is expected to focus much of his speech on his nearly $2 trillion “American Families Plan” — a far-left, big government wish list already making the hearts of Democratic Socialists of America aflutter for the many ways it advances their agenda — and he’ll tap into the hysteria and tyranny created by coronavirus to push for the expansion of a range of social programs near and dear to the hearts of progressives in both parties.

In addition to the agenda items I listed above, Biden’s American Families Plan includes hundreds of billions of dollars for an expanded paid family leave program, national child care, prekindergarten, tuition-free community college, and other domestic priorities. And he’ll pay for it all via numerous tax hikes on so-called high-income Americans and investors.

By the way, Biden’s AFP is in addition to the $2.3 trillion “American Jobs Plan” — the so-called infrastructure plan that spends a mere 6% to infrastructure while spending the rest on a long list of far-left pet projects that have nothing to do with roads and bridges, and everything with growing government in response to coronavirus. Biden will cover the tab for this one with major hikes in corporate tax rates that he says “more than pay for” it.

The wisdom of shutting down the country due to coronavirus and the tyranny that has resulted is debatable, but the resultant loss of liberty is beyond dispute.

I guess coronavirus tyranny is how Joe Biden and the far-left define success.


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