Joe Biden, coronavirus tyranny, and the coming American Police State

Biden coronavirus police state

Are Joe Biden and coronavirus tyranny about to turn America into a full-blown Police State?

In an article I wrote last week about the end of liberty being much closer than we realize, I reminded my readers of the concerns many conservatives had about how a government long desirous of turning America into a tyrannical, socialist state was using coronavirus hysteria to permanently alter, if not outright eliminate, liberty.

In hindsight, there can be no doubt that socialism and tyranny have grown during this so-called pandemic, and this has created an environment ripe for the creation of a full-blown Police State.

In a March article I wrote about this topic, I referenced an excellent piece by John Whitehead, the founder and president of the Rutherford Institute, where he explains how coronavirus tyranny could lead to the end of liberty and the introduction of a Police State. He said, in part:

“This coronavirus epidemic, which has brought China’s Orwellian surveillance out of the shadows and caused Italy to declare a nationwide lockdown, threatens to bring the American Police State out into the open on a scale we’ve not seen before.

“If and when a nationwide lockdown finally hits — if and when we are forced to shelter in place — if and when militarized police are patrolling the streets — if and when security checkpoints have been established — if and when the media’s ability to broadcast the news has been curtailed by government censors — if and when public systems of communication (phone lines, internet, text messaging, etc.) have been restricted — if and when those FEMA camps the government has been surreptitiously building finally get used as quarantine detention centers for American citizens — if and when military “snatch and grab” teams are deployed on local, state, and federal levels as part of the activated Continuity of Government plans to isolate anyone suspected of being infected with COVID-19 — and if and when martial law is enacted with little real outcry or resistance from the public — then we will truly understand the extent to which the government has fully succeeded in recalibrating our general distaste for anything that smacks too overtly of tyranny.

“This is how it begins.”

Recently, we learned that Joe Biden has been busy connecting with foreign leaders to discuss his upcoming presidency, and one of the top issues discussed with a few of them was coronavirus. To be more specific, he reached out to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand and Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia.

Reuters is reporting that Ardern has offered Joe Biden her assistance with tackling the so-called coronavirus pandemic.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Monday she offered President-elect Joe Biden assistance with tackling the rampant outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States.

During the first talks between the two since Biden was elected as the next U.S. president, Ardern said she offered access to New Zealand’s most senior health officials.

“I offered to him and his team access to New Zealand health officials in order to share their experience on things we’ve learnt on our Covid-19 journey,” Ardern told reporters in Wellington.

New Zealand is widely heralded as one of most successful countries in suppressing COVID-19. It has recorded just over 2,000 cases and 25 deaths, a feat achieved through strict lockdowns. (emphasis mine)

I don’t want you to miss this: Her “success” comes from incorporating Police State methods like the use of “strict lockdowns.” How strict? How about state-run “quarantine camps?”

Back in August, New Zealand announced it was putting people infected with COVID-19 in a mandatory quarantine camp — they called it a “quarantine facility” — where positive cases and “those who might be at risk” would be under constant government surveillance. In a Facebook Live video regarding the camp, PM Ardern explained:

We are quarantining everyone. Now we are also mandating testing. That makes us the most stringent in the world. There are countries that are requiring self-isolation; we’re taking it a bit further.

If anyone moves into a common area or is getting some fresh air, which is all monitored no one can do that on their own, they can only leave or be in a space to get a little bit of fresh air if they are supervised because of course it’s a quarantine facility.

Earlier this month, reported that Joe Biden asked Prime Minister Morrison if he would share Australia’s newly-released National Contact Tracing Review with him. Morrison was happy to oblige.

Mr Morrison says the plan “embeds public health metrics in ensuring that when Australia opens safely, it remains open safely”.

And following his first conversation with Mr Biden since his election, the Prime Minister says the review will be provided to the incoming administration.

“He was very interested in Australia’s success. And it’s obviously the top of his priority list”, Mr Morrison said.

Mr Morrison says he is prepared to share Australia’s learnings with the Trump administration, but was specifically invited to do so by Mr Biden.

Contract tracing has been one of the top priorities of the Police State and was being worked on by Donald Trump via Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner. It was Kushner’s coronavirus task force that first introduced the idea of a creating a surveillance program unofficially called a Patriot Act for healthcare.

Australia is becoming a prime example of how coronavirus tyranny can lead to a Police State. A recent case in point is the story of Zoe Buhler, a 28-year-old pregnant mother who was arrested, handcuffed and had her electronic devices confiscated for posting about an anti-lockdown protest on Facebook. She is being charged with “the planning and encouragement of protest activity” and faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

Joe Biden has gone on the record in the past as being opposed to such tactics to address coronavirus, instead insisting he would “listen to the scientists” in attempting to get it under control. But he has also stated that he would do “whatever it takes” to combat the spread of coronavirus within the country — including locking down the U.S. if scientists deemed it necessary.

There’s already a growing consensus among scientists against lockdowns, so does that mean he won’t resort to a national lockdown? Good question, but that doesn’t change the fact that coronavirus tyranny has created an environment ripe for creating a Police State.

And if Joe Biden decides to take his cues from New Zealand and Australia, it could be here before we know it.


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