Coronavirus hysteria, the New World Order, and the Great Reset

New World Order The Great Reset

In the early days of coronavirus hysteria, I posited the idea that the so-called pandemic was being used by tyrants to destroy liberty –freeing them to accomplish everything from the creation of a new socialist state to the New World Order.

Looking back on the weeks and months that have passed since coronavirus hysteria first got its legs in March, my concerns have been frighteningly accurate. From government-mandated/taxpayer-funded paid family leave to the Green New Deal and increased government spying and data collection on every American to track COVID-19, the so-called pandemic has become the mother of socialism and tyranny.

Amazingly, I still receive a lot of flack from people who remain ready, willing, and able to surrender their liberty for safety. From accusations calling me an accessory to homicide for refusing to wear a mask to being labeled a Trump sellout, there has been no limit to the names I’ve been called for my defense of liberty and rejection of tyranny.

My suggestion back in April that coronavirus hysteria was being used to create a New World Order has earned me the title of “tinfoil-hat-wearing-conspiracy-nut” with some people, despite the fact that I quoted Henry Kissinger, the former national security advisor and secretary of state for Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, on the subject.

Kissinger said America could only succeed in repairing the damage wrought by coronavirus by adopting “a global collaborative vision” that adheres to the “principles of the liberal world order.”

According to Antony P. Mueller, a German professor of economics and contributor to the Mises Wire (published by the Mises Institute), there are nefarious globalists who have long planned on using something like coronavirus hysteria to launch the New World Order, taking us from lockdowns to “The Great Reset.”

Mueller states that the lockdown in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the implementation of long-held plans to establish a so-called new world order. Under the auspices of the World Economic Forum (WEF), global policymakers are advocating for a “Great Reset” with the intent of creating a global technocracy. It is not by coincidence that on October 18, 2019, in New York City the WEF participated in “Event 201” at the “high-level” pandemic exercise organized by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

This plan creates a technocracy requiring close cooperation between the heads of the digital industry and of governments (I mention a Bill Gates/government partnership in my New World Order article). With programs such as guaranteed minimum income and healthcare for all, the new kind of governance combines strict societal control with the promise of comprehensive social justice. This technology isn’t meant to serve the improvement of the conditions of the people. Instead, it submits the individual to the tyranny of a technocratic state. “The experts know better” will be the justification.

An overhaul of the world is the brainchild of an elite group of businessmen, politicians, and their intellectual entourage that used to meet in Davos, Switzerland, in January each year. Brought into existence in 1971, the World Economic Forum has become a megaglobal event since then. More than three thousand leaders from all over the world attended the meeting in 2020.

The Great Reset will be the theme in the upcoming meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2021. Its agenda is the commitment to move the world economy toward “a more fair, sustainable and resilient future.” The program calls for “a new social contract” that is centered on racial equality, social justice, and the protection of nature. Climate change requires us “to decarbonize the economy” and to bring human thinking and behavior “into harmony with nature.” The aim is to build “more equal, inclusive and sustainable economies.” This new world order must be “urgently” implemented, the promotors of the WEF claim, and they point out that the pandemic “has laid bare the unsustainability of our system,” which lacks “social cohesion.”

In recent decades, the consensus has emerged at the annual Davos meetings that a New World Order requires a revolution, and that reforms have taken too long. The members of the WEF envision a profound upheaval at short notice. The time span should be so brief that most people will hardly realize that a revolution is going on. The change must be so swift and dramatic that those who recognize that a revolution is happening do not have the time to mobilize against it.

The 2020 lockdowns possibly offer a preview of how this system works. Months of economic standstill have destroyed the economic basis of millions of families. Together with social distancing, the lockdown has produced a mass of people unable to care for themselves. First, governments destroyed their livelihood, then the politicians showed up as the savior. The demand for social assistance is no longer limited to specific groups but has become a need of the masses.

Mueller concludes with this thought: the lockdown and its consequences have brought a foretaste of what is to come: a permanent state of fear, strict behavioral control, massive loss of jobs, and growing dependence on the state. Declaring the coronavirus a pandemic has come in handy to promote the agenda of the Great Reset.

If you’re already writing off the Great Reset as another New World Order conspiracy theory, hear the words of Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, as he describes the theme for the upcoming WEF summit:

“A Great Reset is necessary to build a new social contract that honours the dignity of every human being,” added Schwab “The global health crisis has laid bare the unsustainability of our old system in terms of social cohesion, the lack of equal opportunities and inclusiveness. Nor can we turn our backs on the evils of racism and discrimination. We need to build into this new social contract our intergenerational responsibility to ensure that we live up to the expectations of young people.

“COVID-19 has accelerated our transition into the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We have to make sure that the new technologies in the digital, biological and physical world remain human-centred and serve society as a whole, providing everyone with fair access.

“This global pandemic has also demonstrated again how interconnected we are. We have to restore a functioning system of smart global cooperation structured to address the challenges of the next 50 years. The Great Reset will require us to integrate all stakeholders of global society into a community of common interest, purpose and action. We need a change of mindset, moving from short-term to long-term thinking, moving from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder responsibility. Environmental, social and good governance have to be a measured part of corporate and governmental accountability.”

The next time you feel the need to question someone’s patriotism and attack them for not buying into coronavirus hysteria, know that you’re not only helping government tyrants destroy liberty in America, you’re also playing right into the hands of globalists intent on using the so-called pandemic to build the New World Order.


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