Conservative Comedy: Life and work return to ‘normal’ after coronavirus

life and work after coronavirus

Welcome to this edition of Conservative Comedy. Yesterday, Joe Biden shared the news that his administration had officially reached “200 million shots” of experimental, non-FDA approved coronavirus vaccinations. He also urged large and small business employers in every state to give employees time off needed, with pay, to get vaccinated in order to see life and work in America return to “normal” after more than a year of coronavirus mandates and lockdowns.

In that spirit, this edition of Conservative Comedy will take a look at some of the things we might expect in the months ahead.

Going out to eat might be something you’ll do when life returns to normal. But before you do, you might want to check out a few reviews before venturing out. Check out these real reviews from Zagat:

* “‘Breaking bread’ should not mean you have to use the side of the table.”
* “I thought I was looking at an oil painting when suddenly it moved. It was my waitress.”
* “The only way the tables could be closer together would be to stack them.”
* “The duck was tired, tough and took 90 minutes to arrive. It must have had a long flight.”
* “Primary attraction was the small wildlife wandering across the table.”
* “The chef keeps renaming and relocating the restaurant like it’s a member of the Federal Witness Protection Program.”
* “The waiter repeatedly called my aging parents ‘coach’ and ‘darling.’”
* “Overpriced and undergood.”

In the previous edition of Conservative Comedy, we recognized the one-year Ronaversary and how coronavirus tyranny had made Americans way too comfortable with the loss of liberty we now live in under the “new normal.” Even so-called Christians and conservatives have warmed up to coronavirus tyranny, demonizing those who refuse to capitulate to government’s unconstitutional overreaction to the supposed pandemic as they have done.

How much has life and work changed after coronavirus’ arrival back in March 2020? Comedian Trey Kennedy answers that question in a video where 2020 and 2021 bump into each other at a local bar and have a little chat about life and work. 2020 thought it was the worst year ever, but then 2021 entered the room.


It’s been over a year since work-at-home became mandatory for many, but now life is allegedly getting back to normal and going to work outside the home is returning. However, it’s been over a year of being homebound, and that means some folks may need a refresher on the basics of working outside the home.

Not to worry, Kristina Kuzmic has developed a Back to Work Bootcamp to retrain these lost souls. Don’t forget your pants!


Amazingly, much of what has become the new normal was once the old normal. In this video from Promise Keepers NZ, we get a look at this reality via segments of the TV classic M*A*S*H. From social distancing to working at home, the gang at the 4077th had coronavirus licked a long time ago.


In many ways, 2021 has become a kind of Groundhog Day where this year is essentially a replay of 2020. But not to worry, Joe Biden and tyrants at every level of government have everything on track for life and work after coronavirus will return to normal.


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