1619 Project: Biden’s indoctrination of children into anti-white racism

1619 Project anti-white racism

Fresh off the recent progress made with Sheila Jackson-Lee’s call for reparations as a way for the U.S. to formally apologize for slavery and the “systemic racism” created by “white privilege,” Joe Biden — who supports the reparations agenda — has announced his intention to use the 1619 Project in public schools to indoctrinate children into anti-white racism.

Biden’s Department of Education is preparing to cram the most radical forms of critical race theory on America’s schools, including the 1619 Project and the so-called anti-racism teachings of critical race Theorist Ibram X. Kendi. If you don’t know who Kendi is, he a man who believes that the only remedy for the racism of the past is to create a new anti-white racism of the present — and if you don’t agree with that, you’re a racist.

The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.

The text of Biden’s proposed new rule establishes priorities for grants in American History and Civics Education programs, specifically “projects that incorporate racially, ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse perspectives.” The rule cites the New York Times’ “landmark” 1619 Project and the work of Kendi as shining examples of the ideas Biden wants to use to indoctrinate children into anti-white racism.

And for good measure, he’s using coronavirus to justify it:

Background: The Department recognizes that COVID-19—with its disproportionate impact on communities of color—and the ongoing national reckoning with systemic racism have highlighted the urgency of improving racial equity throughout our society, including in our education system. As Executive Order 13985 states: “Our country faces converging economic, health, and climate crises that have exposed and exacerbated inequities, while a historic movement for justice has highlighted the unbearable human costs of systemic racism. Our Nation deserves an ambitious whole-of-government equity agenda that matches the scale of the opportunities and challenges that we face.”

American History and Civics Education programs can play an important role in this critical effort by supporting teaching and learning that reflects the breadth and depth of our Nation’s diverse history and the vital role of diversity in our Nation’s democracy. For example, there is growing acknowledgement of the importance of including, in the teaching and learning of our country’s history, both the consequences of slavery, and the significant contributions of Black Americans to our society. This acknowledgement is reflected, for example, in the New York Times’ landmark “1619 Project” and in the resources of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History.

Accordingly, schools across the country are working to incorporate anti-racist practices into teaching and learning. As the scholar Ibram X. Kendi has expressed, “[a]n antiracist idea is any idea that suggests the racial groups are equals in all their apparent differences—that there is nothing right or wrong with any racial group. Antiracist ideas argue that racist policies are the cause of racial inequities.” It is critical that the teaching of American history and civics creates learning experiences that validate and reflect the diversity, identities, histories, contributions, and experiences of all students.

By the way, the connection between COVID, reparations, and so-called systemic racism was made in a recent Harvard study that was supported by Dr. Anthony Fauci. Fauci affirmed that institutional racism has contributed to the virus’ disproportionate impact among Black Americans. The report concluded that reparations giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to every black American was necessary to mitigate the impact of the so-called pandemic on communities of color.

Biden’s agenda is a small beginning, but according to Stanley Kurtz at NationalReview.com, it will most likely lead to the full-blown indoctrination of children into anti-white racism.

The programs immediately targeted by Biden’s new priority criteria for American history and civics grants are small. Once in place, however, those criteria will undoubtedly influence the much larger and vastly more dangerous “Civics Secures Democracy Act.” That bill would appropriate $1 billion a year, for six years, for history and civic education. Support for leftist “action civics” is already written into the priority criteria of the bill itself. I have argued that additional anodyne-sounding priority criteria in the Civics Secures Democracy Act — criteria favoring grants targeted to “underserved” populations and the mitigation of various racial, ethnic, and linguistic achievement gaps — would be interpreted by the Biden administration as a green light to fund Critical Race Theory in the schools. The new draft federal rule for grant priority in American history and civics education makes it clear that this is indeed the Biden administration’s intent. (emphasis mine)

In this day and age of ignorance and/or indifference about American history and the Constitution, most people simply line up behind the party or personality they agree with — truth and facts be damned. This is why those on the far-left are in the Biden/Democrat camp calling Georgia voting laws “Jim Crow on steroids” while so-called conservatives are in the nationalist/Republican camp calling for boycotts against companies exercising their constitutional rights.

Critical race theory has its roots in Marxism, which explains why it’s been embraced by Black Lives Matter — BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullers admits that she and her fellow organizers are “trained Marxists.”

Critical race theory served as the inspiration behind the death and destruction we witnessed during last summer’s riots. It’s also served as the fuel behind the government-sanctioned, taxpayer-financed, anti-white racism reparations movement picking up steam at the hands of anti-white racists like Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, Black Lives Matter, and Biden’s ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

The 1619 Project rewrites American history in the image of Marxist critical race theory in order to paint a picture of America as a land rooted in race-based slavery and oppression, and where capitalism and even the rejection of 100 percent government-funded health care are evidence of white supremacy.

Making it a perfect fit for Joe Biden’s plan to use it to indoctrinate children into anti-white racism.


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