Harvard study: The cure for COVID in Black America is slavery reparations

COVID slavery reparations

We’ve been hearing a lot about how “experts” like Bill Gates have donated millions of dollars to develop a coronavirus vaccine that will bring an end to the so-called pandemic, particularly in poor communities of color. But according to a peer-reviewed study recently released by Harvard researchers, this money is ill-spent because the cure for COVID in Black America can only come by spending trillions of dollars in slavery reparations.

In September 2016, the UN released a report demanding that the U.S. provide reparations to African-Americans due to the history of slavery in America and the link slavery had to modern injustices against black America.

“In particular, the legacy of colonial history, enslavement, racial subordination and segregation, racial terrorism and racial inequality in the United States remains a serious challenge, as there has been no real commitment to reparations and to truth and to reconciliation for people of African descent.

Contemporary police killings and the trauma that they create are reminiscent of the past racial terror of lynching.” (emphasis mine)

According to the New World Order gang, whenever a police officer shoots a black person in the line of duty, it’s exactly the same thing as lynching. This was the attitude behind the destruction and mayhem we witnessed last year at the hands of self-identified Marxist organizations like Black Lives Matter, which created a political climate perfect for making a push for reparations.

For example, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) reintroduced a bill she sponsored in 2019 (H.R.40) that establishes a committee to develop a reparations plan. Because, you know, it’s time.

“We now have an opportunity, through H.R. 40, to have the highest level of discussion about systemic racism and race. And we are able to do it in a manner that is bringing people together; that acknowledges that Black lives matter; and acknowledges that there has to be a response.

“There is no better time for H.R. 40 to be part of the national dialogue, and part of the national legislative response.”

Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) also introduced reparations legislation called the BREATHE Act — an obvious reference to the death of George Floyd. Their bill would, among other things, establish a reparations program and begin defunding police and other law enforcement to pay for it.

Enter COVID and slavery reparations.

Coronavirus hysteria has become the impetus behind the Far-Left’s “never let a crisis go to waste” plan to create a more tyrannical and socialist government — an agenda picking up steam under Joe Biden — and accomplish things they might not otherwise be able to get done. With slavery reparations already on their radar, it should come as no surprise to see the issue connected to the so-called pandemic.

CNN recently reported that reparations for slavery could have reduced COVID-19 transmission and deaths in the US, according to a recent Harvard study.

Oh, and apparently, COVID is racist.

The group of researchers, from Harvard Medical School and the Lancet Commission on Reparations and Redistributive Justice, examined how reparation payments made before the pandemic would have affected Louisiana, a state that remains segregated in parts, and found that the payments could have reduced coronavirus transmission in the state anywhere between 31% to 68%.

“The effects of racial justice interventions on Black/white health disparities are rarely investigated, which forms part of how systemic racism is reproduced,” study author Dr. Eugene Richardson, an assistant professor of global health and social medicine at Harvard Medical School, told CNN in an email. “Our study simply gives yet another example of how racism gets into people’s bodies and makes them sick, which can be added to this litany (of evidence for reparations).” (emphasis mine)

Calling it a model for how reparations should be handled, the story continues:

The crux of the research team’s argument focuses on reparations, or payments to African Americans who descended from enslaved people. If reparations work as proponents intend them to, the payments could narrow the racial wealth gap, which would in turn narrow gaps in access to health care, housing, education, employment and more.

To do this, the researchers created a statistical model using “R-naught,” a mathematical term that represents the average number of people an infected person spreads the virus to. The term accounts for social structure, behavior and differential risk, too, Richardson told CNN.

They made their calculations with a model that would pay $250,000 in reparations per person or $800,000 per household. They also compared Louisiana and South Korea using infection data rates for the first two months of the epidemic.

The researcher’s model found that Louisiana took twice as long as South Korea to bring the R-naught value below 1, “the critical value at which an outbreak will die out in a population.”

Had reparations been introduced well before the pandemic and lessened the equity gap between Black and Whites, coronavirus transmission in Louisiana could’ve been reduced between 31% and 68% for residents of all races, the study found. (emphasis mine)

Key to their “redistribute the wealth” report is the belief that slavery reparations for Black America will not only deliver them from COVID, it will eliminate “systemic racism.”

The modeling outlined by the research team is the latest evidence that reparations can address and begin to dismantle systemic racism in the US, Richardson said.

Previous explanations for Black Americans’ high risk of severe sickness or death from Covid-19 pointed to high rates of preexisting conditions like cancer and diabetes or “personal failure” to follow public health advice, the researchers wrote.

But those explanations don’t address how systemic racism positions Black Americans in a way that makes them more likely to be exposed to Covid-19 and less likely to survive it.

Institutionalized racism in the US has disadvantaged Black Americans for centuries, beginning with slavery, then segregation and the dangerous policies of the Jim Crow era, and now the inequalities that continue today, like fatal police encounters, high rates of incarceration and bias found in health care, employment, housing and more.

The report concludes that slavery reparations should be part of the strategy to mitigate the disease:

Acknowledging those structural causes in the US pandemic response is essential in alleviating some of the disproportionate load Covid-19 has borne on Black Americans, Richardson said.

Non-Hispanic Black Americans account for more than 26% of all Covid-19 deaths, but just over 12% of the US population. The percentage of Covid-19 deaths is higher than the population percentage for Hispanic and American Indian and Alaskan natives, according to the CDC.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease expert in the US and adviser to President Joe Biden on Covid-19, affirmed that institutional racism has contributed to the virus’ disproportionate impact among Black Americans. But the first several months of the country’s coronavirus response didn’t account for those disparities.

When Biden took office last month, his administration said he was “committed to embedding racial equity” across the US Covid-19 response by extending the CDC’s eviction moratorium and opening up more vaccination sites in areas with large populations of Black residents and people of color.

Reparations, the Harvard researchers argue, would be a worthy addition to the existing strategies, and its effects would extend long past the pandemic’s end.

Slavery is a sad part of American history, but it’s just that . . . history. Still, that doesn’t mean that Joe Biden, with help from far-left Republicans and extremely far-left Democrats, won’t keep pushing for slavery reparations in the name of “social justice.”

And if blending racism and COVID in their redistribute-the-wealth scheme helps them get it done, all the better.


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