Trump war on GOP guarantees Democrat sweep in November


Throughout the presidential campaign, supporters of Donald Trump have argued that anyone who doesn’t vote for him is voting for Hillary. Besides the obvious error of calling the election a binary choice, Trump’s supporters have actually provided a few reasons for supporting the New York Liberal other than the usual “not Hillary” retort.

One of the reasons most commonly given is that only a President Trump can save the Supreme Court from becoming a left-wing judiciary that will destroy the Constitution. Of course, this claim is easily debunked when we remember that the current right-leaning court issued rulings that gave us Obamacare and same-sex marriage.

But if we accept the claim that Trump will nominate Constitutionalist justices, it’s important to remember the process of how judges are seated on the bench. The president only nominates while it’s the Senate that determines who gets the job. And it’s for this reason that Donald Trump has just proven the fallacy of the “save the court” rallying cry we hear from his supporters.

In the aftermath of video revelations where Trump is recorded bragging about sexually assaulting women, the GOP, led by Paul Ryan, severed direct ties to the Trump campaign in an attempt to save the Republican majority in the House. And what is The Donald’s response? He declared open warfare against the GOP.

While it would be easy to write Trump’s response as the ego-maniacal overreaction of a textbook narcissist, the followers of Cheeto Jesus are looking at it as their official marching orders.

Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson sent out a tweet promoting the idea that we should vote for Trump, but not for down-ballot Republicans.

Trump himself went on one of his classic Twitter rants where he openly threatened Paul Ryan’s leadership position.

And so-called Conservative talk-show host, Laura Ingraham, predicted that down-ballot Republicans would be “crushed” for not supporting Trump; even implying that Ryan should lose his re-election bid.

Though he claims not to need Republicans, Trump will need them in the Senate in order to get his Supreme Court nominees confirmed, and he will definitely need a GOP-controlled House of Representatives to get the funds he will need to build his wall on the border or rebuild the military. And if he loses, as expected, they will be needed to prevent the tidal wave of Hillary’s socialist agenda.

I’m no fan of Paul Ryan and the GOP Establishment, but to destroy them simply to sooth Trump’s fragile ego–and by default, electing Democrats to take their place–is suicide to what little is left of our republic.

If Trump really wanted to Make America Great Again, he would realize this. But if he proceeds with his vendetta against the GOP, Hillary and the Democrats will sweep the elections in November.


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