More reasons why conservatives will lose next week

Yesterday, I shared with my readers and listeners my thoughts on next week’s elections and how conservatives will lose regardless of the final results.

Blue wave, red wave — toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe.

However, based on some listener feedback I received yesterday, there are those who disagree with my conclusions. And while disagreement is nothing new at the Strident Conservative — in fact, I love it — yesterday’s topic provided more than usual.

Here are two examples from listeners in the Ventura, CA, area where you can hear us on KVTA-AM. Initials are being used instead of names to protect the privacy of individuals. Comments have been edited for readability, but the content is unchanged.

M.L. writes:

I am forced to listen to your rants on the radio in the morning’s [sic] as I listen to talk show hosts on my way to work. I have to wonder if you actually have a clue how Washington D.C. works, and let me add you are not helping the Conservative Cause one bit.

You need a solid majority in order to move legislation forward. You can never get it done when we have RHINO’s [sic] who are seated and will side with the Democrats on fiscal garbage. I am also a firm believer in TERM Limits, but the mice will never give up the cheese, so a convention of states is necessary. But you bashing the Republican party and President Trump is not helping our cause.

Look, we all voted for Trump because we certainly didn’t want Hillary in office, but Trump was not a politician; we elected a business man. Is he crude, uninformed with conservatism..yes, but he is so much better then [sic] the alternative.

R.S. writes:

OK, so as you say, we lose either way. Well, with the alternatives available to us how much do you want to lose? In other words, if not being able to win per se, and not wanting to crawl under a rock and whimper, how will you choose to minimize your losses? Vote Democrat or Republican?

And why not talk about that on your one-minute diatribes on the radio? In other words, climb out of your hyper-critical hole (in which, by the way, you make some good points) and suggest how you personally will deal with this miss. Or, as my 11th grade geometry teacher used to say “Do the best you can with the tools in hand…”

Did you catch the theme here? The conclusion reached by these listeners is based on the “lesser of two evils” rationale always used to support the status quo. As I pointed out yesterday, that’s how we ended up with the two-party duopoly in the first place, where conservatives always lose.

The Democrat/Republican binary choice has been crammed down our throats for far too long. I reject binary choices, particularly those created by the two parties that benefit. Conservatives always lose the two-party game bought and paid for … literally … by Republicans and Democrats.

As far as R.S.’s question about how I deal with this mess, I have used my platform to promote third-party movements like The Federalist Party and the Article V Convention of States Project. Sure, these are long-term strategies, but we didn’t get into this mess overnight, and we won’t get out of it overnight either.

In the meantime, I will continue walking the lonely conservative road, and I will persist in fighting for what I believe in#UNIBROW be damned.



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