Scientists: Pandemic lockdowns every two years will end global warming

pandemic lockdowns global warming

Climate scientists have just published a new report documenting how carbon emissions fell during coronavirus hysteria thanks to lockdowns and other mandates and how, in order to meet goals spelled out in the Paris Climate Agreement, pandemic lockdowns need to occur once every two years to end global warming and keep the earth at “safe” temperature levels.

From the very beginning of the coronavirus hysteria, members of Congress, governors, mayors, and other local government officials have used the so-called pandemic and lockdowns to forge ahead with the socialist agenda of the far-left, an agenda that includes addressing so-called climate change.

When the first wave of coronavirus stimulus was being discussed nearly a year ago, members of the far-left made a push to include climate change “solutions” like the Green New Deal in the first package. The Democratic Socialists of America connected coronavirus to global warming, and in an official statement released back in March 2020, DSA called the Green New Deal a “working class solution to the COVID-19 crisis.”

Rhiana Gunn-Wright, director of climate policy at the Roosevelt Institute, called for a stimulus package “…not only to help the U.S. economy recover but to also become more resilient to the climate crisis, the next multitrillion-dollar crisis headed our way.”

More recently, Joe Biden’s director of climate propaganda, U.S. “climate envoy” John Kerry, has been reintroducing many of the radical environmental policies of the Obama administration, and he has used coronavirus to do so.

Kerry first made the coronavirus/global warming connection when he spoke at a December 2020 panel discussion hosted by the World Economic Forum in support of their plan to create a New World Order via the Great Reset. Here’s an excerpt of his comments:

“[The need for the Great Reset is] a reflection of the inability of democratic governments in many parts of the world to deliver. And I just have to put it bluntly. We’re certainly the primary exhibit. We’re exhibit number one.

“I think …. that the notion of a ‘reset’ is more important than ever before. I personally believe that we’re at the dawn of an extremely exciting time.

“I believe no government is fundamentally going to make the climate crisis go away. Government’s best effort is going to be to create a structure which will make it possible for certain things to happen. And the next opportunity for that structure to be fully defined is Glasgow.

“Now, I don’t believe—and I think Joe Biden, I know Joe Biden believes this—it’s not enough just to rejoin [the Paris Climate Accords] for the United States. It’s not enough for us to just do the minimum of what Paris requires.” (emphasis mine)

Kerry supported Joe Biden’s “Climate Day” executive orders because he believes that coronavirus created a perfect opportunity to make changes to the economy that will end global warming.

Speaking of executive orders, we could be on the cusp of seeing the entire global warming agenda enacted by executive fiat based on Trump’s history of abusing executive powers.

During the Democrat presidential primaries, Washington Governor Jay Inslee (D) said that Trump’s emergency declaration for border security created a new standard that Democrats could use to address climate change.

“Republicans ought to stand up on their hind legs, because they took an oath to the Constitution, not to Donald Trump, and reverse this decision.

“But if there are new rules, the Republicans have to understand that Democrats will play by whatever the rules are, particularly when it comes to climate change.”

Inslee’s suggestion isn’t that far-fetched. Just days after Biden’s inauguration, Sen. Chuck Schumer said in an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that Biden should issue a national climate emergency declaration, freeing him to do as he pleases concerning the Paris Climate Agreement and global warming.

“It might be a good idea for President Biden to call a climate emergency,” Schumer told Maddow. “He can do many, many things under the emergency powers … that he could do without legislation.”

A combination of the abuse of executive power, coronavirus, and global warming served as the basis for a new report published in Nature Climate Change earlier this week.

Five years after the adoption of the Paris Climate Agreement, growth in global CO2 emissions has begun to falter. The pervasive disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic have radically altered the trajectory of global CO2 emissions. Contradictory effects of the post-COVID-19 investments in fossil fuel-based infrastructure and the recent strengthening of climate targets must be addressed with new policy choices to sustain a decline in global emissions in the post-COVID-19 era.(emphasis mine)

The report, which was reviewed and summarized by The Guardian, states that “we can’t have tackling climate change as a side issue. It can’t be about one law or policy, it has to be put at the heart of all policy.” And the lead author of the report called for coronavirus-styled pandemic lockdowns every two years to end global warming:

Corinne Le Quéré, lead author of the study, said the world stood at a crucial point as governments poured money into the global economy to cope with the impacts of the pandemic. “We need a cut in emissions of about the size of the fall [from the lockdowns] every two years, but by completely different methods,” she said.

The report also mentions that more than just pandemic lockdowns will be needed to meet Paris Agreement goals and end global warming. A co-author of the study argued that “structural changes” will be necessary in order to help industrialized nations “move away from fossil fuels” and towards green energy.

Could the “new normal” created by coronavirus tyranny be the necessary ingredient to make these structural changes? Will Joe Biden make these changes via executive order, thus bypassing Congress and the voice of the people? Will coronavirus and global warming be the one-two punch to the gut of liberty we have feared all along?

We get a hint of the answer to these questions near the end of the report:

Year 2021 could mark the beginning of a new phase in tackling climate change. The science is established and international agreements are in place, with some evidence that growth in global CO2 emissions was already faltering before the COVID-19 pandemic. The task of sustaining decreases in global emissions of the order of billion tonnes of CO2 per year, while supporting economic recovery and human development, and improved health, equity and well-being, lies in current and future actions. The pressing timeline is constantly underscored by the rapid unfolding of extreme climate impacts. (emphasis mine)

Sounds like we could be in for another pandemic lockdown in 2022.


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