Schools are spying on your kids via their remote learning computers

spying kids remote learning computers

School districts across the country are facing deadly consequences from their decision to shut down schools and force children to learn at home, creating an explosion in student suicides. While the obvious response to this sad news should be fully reopening schools everywhere, some schools have decided that spying on your kids via their government-issued remote learning computers is a better way to tackle the issue.

There can be no doubt that coronavirus hysteria has put America on the fast track toward tyranny. Likewise, the tragic increase in student suicides as a result of remote learning is also beyond dispute. But have you ever thought about how combining those two realities could be another way for government to add another tool to their New World Order/Great Reset tool box?

We’ve known for sometime now about how turning a child’s home into a makeshift internment camp for remote learning was literally killing our children. As Dr. Katarina Lindley, a Texas physician who lived in Yugoslavia as a child, showed us at the time in an article I wrote in August 2020, remote learning tyranny wasn’t just destroying liberty, it was killing our children mentally and physically.

“Students need to return to their classrooms and athletic fields. The scholastic, social and physical well-being of the younger generation depends on it.

“The consequences of keeping children cooped-up at home far outweighs the risk of the virus. While the chance of a school-age child dying of COVID-19 is less likely than being struck by lightning, isolation is eating away at the mental health of our youth and even pushing some to do the unthinkable. Last month, an El Paso teen tragically took her own life; her mother noted pandemic-induced isolation was partly to blame.

“It’s not a standalone event. CDC Director Robert Redfield commented in July, “there has been another [lockdown] cost that we’ve seen, particularly in high schools. We’re seeing … far greater suicides now than we are deaths from COVID.” Suicides in Chicago are up 13 percent compared to this time last year, while cities like Fresno, California, have experienced a 70 percent jump.

“It’s obvious the consequences of at-home learning and skipping out on extra-curricular activities ar e not limited to failing to grasp long division or missing out on kicking the winning field goal.”

Dr. Lindley wasn’t fearmongering when she spoke of how remote learning was leading to tyranny, the destruction of liberty, and the deaths of our children; she was speaking from personal experience:

“These events remind me of my challenging childhood in Yugoslavia – which was characterized by government control and the suppression of individual freedoms. Sadly, the U.S. is inching in that direction with every additional pandemic rule and restriction. I wake up every morning wondering how many rights we will lose today in the name of fighting COVID-19.”

Today, with a new school year well underway, child suicides are still on the rise due to remote learning. And while some areas of the country are working on reopening, teachers unions in places like Chicago are refusing to return to in-classroom teaching and are demanding that remote learning continue.

However, even in other areas of the country where school districts are trying to reopen, the remote learning model and the increase in suicides has created an “unintended” opportunity for schools to control more of your child’s life by spying on them via their government-issued remote learning computer.

For example, in a recent report by Las Vegas’ FOX affiliate, KVVU-TV (FOX5), we learned about a new artificial intelligence (AI) software program being used by the Clark County School District that makes schools spying on your kids via their government-issued remote learning computers as easy as clicking a mouse. Using a new technology called GoGuardian Beacon, “the program monitors student’s school-provided laptop and tablet for any mention of self-harm.”

The superintendent of the Clark County School District said it’s “critical” students get back in the classroom due to a rise in mental health issues, including what he recently called “a surge” in the number of student suicides.

As schools remain closed and kids remain at home, away from their friends and teachers, they can feel isolated and alone, experts say. On Tuesday, Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara appeared on Fox News and The Today Show with his push to partially reopen schools.

Dr. Jara said keeping kids in a social environment, rather than isolated at home, can help prevent students from taking their own lives. Dr. Jara reported 18 children who had killed themselves in the last nine months of 2020 in his district — the fifth-largest in the U.S. with 326,000 students. (emphasis mine)

It sounds like Dr. Jara is ready to get back to work, but he did only say “partially reopen.” Obviously, this means there will be a lot of remote learning going on, and with it, the increased likelihood of student suicides. Not to worry, remote learning tyranny has a plan to deal with it.

In order to intervene on the suicides, the school district now has implemented technology called GoGuardian Beacon.

According to GoGuardian’s website, “the technology is a suicide and self-harm prevention solution that leverages a combination of artificial intelligence and human insight.” The program monitors student’s school-provided laptop and tablet for any mention of self-harm. It then alerts teachers about students who are thought to be at immediate risk.

“You get the calls, you get the text messages late into the evening, kids are surfing and online and then we dispatch our police department to do wellness checks,” Dr. Jara said on Fox News.

I don’t want you to miss this. This AI program will monitor every student’s school-provided laptop and tablet in search of certain words or other information it believes will lead to self-harm. If it finds any, it will notify a teacher who will then send the police to the home of the student to do a “wellness check.”

CCSD Trustee Danielle Ford sought to contextualize the statistics of student suicide in a Facebook post.

“There is a misconception that in-person learning for small groups during [COVID-19] will solve the problems around mental health. There’s no logic behind this presumption. Until [COVID-19] is under control, in-person learning will not be what we remember school to be. There will be no seeing friends at lunch, no recess or PE, no high-fives or fist bumps, no music or art.”

Translation? Even when schools partially reopen, school administrators will continue spying on your kids via their remote learning computers in the name of “safety.”

I know many of you will accuse me of being hyperbolic, but doesn’t GoGuardian Beacon sound a lot like the anti-Fourth Amendment red flag laws used to seize guns? Red flag laws are used in a pre-crime manner to unconstitutionally search a person’s home and seize his/her firearms. GoGuardian Beacon will be used to unconstitutionally search a person’s home and possibly seize a parent’s child.

This is particularly bad news when we remember how government-run child “protection” agencies are already well-known for seizing children from their homes without cause or due process in violation of the parent’s constitutional rights.

Technocrats are already allied with government to bring us a New World Order, the Great Reset, forced remote learning, coronavirus digital ID cards to buy and sell, and a full-blown Police State.

So, it’s no big surprise to see public school bureaucrats, teachers, and teacher’s labor unions join the alliance so schools can continue spying on your kids via their remote learning computers .

But . . . I’m sure they’re only doing it for the children.


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