Coronavirus hysteria: Remote learning tyranny is killing our children

coronavirus remote learning killing children

Coronavirus hysteria and the race toward tyranny it has wrought isn’t only destroying liberty in America, it’s killing our children via remote learning — and public school bureaucrats, teachers, and teacher’s labor unions are accessories to the crime.

When the president of the second-largest teacher labor union in the country (American Federation of Teachers) announced earlier this month that the union would be using every tactic available to prevent public schools from opening in the fall, including lawsuits and organized strikes, they set the stage for building an alliance with the tyrants running the public school system.

In response, school districts across the country have elected to take a pass on re-opening schools for “in-person” learning, choosing instead to only offer “remote learning” to their students — a tyrannical power grab responsible for destroying liberty and killing our children in many, many ways.

To begin with, working parents are once again being forced to either find a place to send their children while they work, or find a caregiver to supervise their children while remote learning from home. Obviously, neither of these options are free, and they could cost thousands of dollars.

Parents who are unable to bear these costs are facing harsher realities like the need to adjust their work schedule to work fewer hours or quitting their jobs entirely.

In a recent study released by Bankrate, we get a picture of the financial repercussions parents foresee with remote learning tyranny:

  • Parents are anticipating an influx of additional miscellaneous expenses, with 30 percent answering that this would be the biggest financial impact due to remote learning. Miscellaneous expenses were defined as new technology, tutoring and meals.
  • Other top responses included having career opportunities limited due to lack of work/life balance (23 percent), having to cut work hours to help with learning (22 percent) and additional childcare expenses so that parents could return to or continue to work (16 percent).
  • Perhaps most alarming is that 15 percent of parents surveyed suggested that they may have to stop working altogether in order to tend to their children’s new learning environment.

“These findings suggest the economic recovery will continue to be slow,” says Ted Rossman, industry analyst at Bankrate. “Most students will be learning remotely this fall, and that alone will strain more than half of their parents’ household budgets. We’ve [already] seen a record string of initial jobless claims – over one million every week since March.”

Financial considerations are only one area of concern. Parents are also convinced there will be a detrimental impact on the quality of education their children will receive via remote learning, with 42 percent believing it will have a negative impact on their children’s education.

Concerned parents worried about the financial impact of remote learning or the poor quality of education it brings might have something much more serious to worry about . . . the lives of their children.

In an opinion piece written for, Dr. Katarina Lindley, a Texas physician who lived in Yugoslavia as a child, shows us how coronavirus hysteria and remote learning tyranny aren’t just destroying liberty, it’s killing our children mentally and physically.

Touchdown! That wail may go unheard this fall as youth sports are among the latest activities to face the chopping block because of COVID-19. As a practicing physician and mother of five, I urge community leaders to rethink their strategy. Students need to return to their classrooms and athletic fields. The scholastic, social and physical well-being of the younger generation depends on it.

The consequences of keeping children cooped-up at home far outweighs the risk of the virus. While the chance of a school-age child dying of COVID-19 is less likely than being struck by lightning, isolation is eating away at the mental health of our youth and even pushing some to do the unthinkable. Last month, an El Paso teen tragically took her own life; her mother noted pandemic-induced isolation was partly to blame.

It’s not a standalone event. CDC Director Robert Redfield commented in July, “there has been another [lockdown] cost that we’ve seen, particularly in high schools. We’re seeing … far greater suicides now than we are deaths from COVID.” Suicides in Chicago are up 13 percent compared to this time last year, while cities like Fresno, California, have experienced a 70 percent jump.

It’s obvious the consequences of at-home learning and skipping out on extra-curricular activities are not limited to failing to grasp long division or missing out on kicking the winning field goal. Given the stakes, … getting kids back in the school setting should be the default position for community leaders. The stance is also supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics, National Academy of Science and CDC.

Dr. Lindley isn’t fearmongering when she talks about how coronavirus hysteria is leading to tyranny, destroying liberty, and killing our children; she speaks from personal experience:

These events remind me of my challenging childhood in Yugoslavia – which was characterized by government control and the suppression of individual freedoms. Sadly, the U.S. is inching in that direction with every additional pandemic rule and restriction. I wake up every morning wondering how many rights we will lose today in the name of fighting COVID-19.

The alliance between public school bureaucrats, teachers, and teacher’s labor unions in response to coronavirus hysteria has created a tyrannical superpower capable of using remote learning tyranny to destroy liberty, and quite literally, kill our children.


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