Declaration of (Voting) Independence for the 2018 midterm

Well … tomorrow is officially Election Day.

Even though he’s not on the ballot, Donald Trump wants America to know that it’s still all about him. In rally after rally, the egomaniacal narcissist is using the 2018 election to put the spotlight squarely on himself in what is essentially the launch of his 2020 re-election campaign.

“I’m not on the ballot,” Trump recently stated. “But in a certain way, I’m on the ballot. So, please go out and vote.”

The avalanche of emails I’ve received over the past many weeks from various members of the GOP agrees with Trump. Once the party that sought support to advance conservative values, today’s Republicans and so-called conservatives are asking for contributions to elect a “conservative Congress” that will “save President Trump’s majority.”

And people wonder why I call them Trumplicans and Trumpservatives.

Making this midterm election a referendum on Trump’s first term Obama’s third term reminds me of the 2016 presidential election between the two NY Liberals, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Or, as I call them: Dem and Dem-er.

As was the case in 2016, conservatives haven’t been given a candidate to vote “for.” Instead, we are supposed to vote “against” the greater evil, which translated means voting against the blue half of the #UNIBROW in favor of the red half.

In the 2016 election, I created a Declaration of Voting Independence for the presidential election between Trump and Hillary. And with 2018 essentially another Dem and Dem-er moment in history, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to renew my commitment with an updated version that applies to the “vote red or else” mid-terms.

  1. I reject binary choices. That’s a lie created by Republicans and Democrats.
  2. I reject the claim that not voting for a Republican is a vote against Trump and/or for a Democrat. The GOP never had my vote to begin with and has done nothing to earn it.
  3. I reject the either/or, lesser of two evils method of voting. As Charles Spurgeon once said, “of two evils, choose neither.”
  4. I reject the claim that we need to support Republicans to protect Trump’s agenda. Trump’s agenda is non-conservative, as are most Republicans. More “red” in Washington won’t change anything.
  5. I reject the claim that Republicans will keep Democrats from advancing their socialist agenda. With two years of complete control, Trump and the GOP have codified much of Obama’s agenda while breaking every major campaign promise.
  6. I reject the claim that we need Republicans to save the courts. Trump, McConnell and Co. have done little in that department over the past two years.
  7. I reject the claim made by my Christian brethren that we must vote “red” to save Trump because he’s “God’s man.” We vote, God doesn’t. We need to stop excusing the political consequences of our lukewarm, cheap grace faith as “God’s will” and accept the truth that as free-will men and women, the government we have is the government we chose to have.

As I wrote a week ago, conservatives will lose tomorrow regardless of which party comes out on top because this election really is a referendum on Trump and the GOP. And to paraphrase Daniel 5:27, they have been weighed; they have been measured; and they have been found wanting.



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