Trump Pravda defends “enemy of the people” attack on the media

Trump has been on the road a lot lately, campaigning for his 2020 re-election under the guise of supporting GOP candidates on the ballot next week and regurgitating his 2016 campaign talking points.

When he isn’t blaming Democrats for his economic failures and his broken promises on things like repealing Obamacare, defunding Planned Parenthood, rescinding DACA, and fixing the border, he plays his media is “the enemy of the American people” card.

As was the case in 2016, the worshippers at the Church of Trump are eating it up like a Baptist at a Sunday afternoon potluck. Unfortunately, as was also the case in 2016, the so-called conservative media has bellied up to the table to partake of the delicacies served at Trump’s political potluck.

Lately, Trump has been leveraging the recent shooting tragedy at a Pennsylvania synagogue and the pipe-bomb scare against Democrats and CNN into an opportunity to attack the media and blame them for these tragic events.

In a recent Axios interview where Trump announced his plan to use an executive order to ban birthplace citizenship, he was asked about the negative repercussions of his calling the press the “enemy of the people.”

“I think I’m doing a service [by attacking the press] when people write stories about me that are so wrong. I know what I do good and what I do bad. I really get it, okay? I really get it better than anybody in the whole world.

“It’s my only form of fighting back. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t do that.”

So, how did the so-called conservative media respond? Trump’s morning intel team at FOX & Friends got right to work defending the boss.

“Clearly what he doesn’t like, is he does not like stories that he feels are not fair to what he is doing.” – Steve Doocy

“How frustrating would it be if you are the President of the United States and every single time you turn on the TV on most of the channels they are misconstruing what you say? You know your heart and you know your words and your voice and you watch what other people report on what you say and it’s completely different than what you mean. That has to be frustrating. That’s why he is calling it fake news. He’s saying if you don’t want to be called the enemy, then get the story right, be accurate and report the story the way I want it reported.” – Ainsley Earhardt

“I think that’s a good point.” – Brian Kilmeade

I don’t call ’em Trump Pravda for nothing, folks!

Trump’s use of the same propaganda principles used by Joseph Goebbels during the rise of Nazi Germany has succeeded in helping him distract America away from his lies and policy failures. And with the help of the so-called conservative media, it looks like he’ll continue to reap benefits as 2020 approaches.

Meanwhile, the egomaniacal narcissist in the White House continues to destroy our God-given, constitutionally protected rights.



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