If Democrats win, Trump will blame them for his failing economic policies

Faced with the real probability that the House will be under new management after next week’s election due to his long list of broken promises, Donald Trump has been busy creating his 2020 talking points where he will lay the blame on Democrats for his policy failures for the next two years.

He’s been playing the blame game ever since he and the GOP seized control of Washington in 2016.

Break your promise to repeal Obamacare? Blame Democrats. Sign spending bills that fund Planned Parenthood, DACA, and Obamacare? Blame Democrats. Catch flack for separating children and parents who illegally cross the border? Blame Democrats.

Lately, the economic news indicates that the economy Trump once heralded as the greatest in the history of America isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and could soon turn very ugly due to our massive debt and Trump’s trade war. So, what do you do under the circumstances if you’re Donald Trump? Blame Democrats.

After devastating losses on Wall Street last week where all of 2018’s market gains were lost, Trump blamed Fed Chairman Jerome Powell while White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow blamed Democrats and the mid-term election.

With markets likely to continue falling due to renewed fears of inflation and a possible recession caused by his failed tax cuts, out-of-control spending, and trade war, Trump is spending these last days before the election doubling down on blaming Democrats and the Feds for his economic failures.

Not surprisingly, economists and market analysts see things differently than the self-proclaimed “King of Debt” does. Instead, they point out that the economic slow down is happening just as they predicted it would due to tax cuts, deficit spending and tariffs.

According to the managing director of Webdush Equity Management, Steve Massocca, market volatility has little to do with the election and more to do with Trump’s policies.

“I don’t think market volatility is all about the mid-terms. If we get into a four-year slug-it-out battle with the Chinese where they wait to see if a new president comes along, that’s not going to be good news.”

Federal Reserve officials expressed serious concerns about Trump’s economic policies and his aggressive plan to cut taxes, increase spending, and launch a trade war back in 2016. Their concerns appear to be justified.

But don’t worry, folks. Trump’s not responsible. He’ll lay it all on the Democrats when they win next week.



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