From #NeverTrump to #NeverGOP

#NeverGOPUsing the movie, The Matrix as an example yesterday, I challenged the delegates attending the National Republican Convention to break free from the slavery of the GOP machine. And once free, to rescue others trapped within its grip. The reason I made the challenge is clear; the GOP is no longer a reflection of conservatives or conservative values.

While it has pretty much been the case since Ronald Reagan left office in 1988, the effort to destroy the conservative base increased in its intensity during the 2012 presidential and 2014 mid-term elections.

It was during the 2012 election that the Republican party, after heavy resistance from conservatives against Massachusetts liberal, Mitt Romney, changed the primary rules to favor party establishment candidates. And it was in 2014 that Mitch McConnell led an out-in-the-open assault on TEA Party and other conservative candidates running against the establishment.

According to the talking points of the agents defending the machine—in other words, the party leaders—those decisions were nothing personal. They were necessary in order to ensure that only “electable” Republicans were nominated. In reality, as is the case with their support of Donald Trump, they did so in order to protect the power of the establishment.

Reports coming from the Convention show how attempts to free the delegates to vote their conscience have failed so far, thanks to corrupt tactics by Donald Trump and the establishment, so the chances of succeeding aren’t that good. In fact, you could say, as Mr. Smith did in The Matrix, that failure is inevitable.

Whether true or not remains to be seen, but as I said yesterday, Christian Constitutional Conservatives need to rise up as Neo did and destroy the Washington matrix.

Perhaps that won’t happen now until after the convention. As we read in an opinion piece by Jay Cost in the Weekly Standard, perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to the GOP because they no longer represent our principles.

“The GOP does not fit that definition right now. Its leaders are far too ignorant, cowardly, indolent, and self-interested. They have chosen to submit to Trump, and run the unnecessary risk of handing the whole government—including the [Supreme] Court—to the liberals.

“Conservatives should feel unbound (to borrow a phrase) from any attachment to these people. After all, we are in the Republican party because it is supposed to advance the principles we care about. The GOP of 2016 does not fit that description, so we should feel free to leave, if we decide that is the proper course of action.

“And maybe it is”

As I said yesterday, I have been and always will be #NeverTrump. But after the actions taken by the Republican establishment at the Convention today, I think it might be time to change that.

The party of Lincoln and Reagan has been hijacked. Maybe it’s time to be #NeverGOP.


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