GOP Convention: Will the delegates break free of the Matrix?

Morpheus - Matrix is a system

Well, today is the official start of the Republican National Convention, leading us to what many see as the coronation of Donald Trump as the GOP nominee for president. As someone who is unashamed to proclaim that I have been, and will always be #NeverTrump, it will be a sad day later this week when he accepts the nomination.

Many of my fellow Conservatives, particularly Christian Conservatives, have spent a lot of time and energy trying to convince me that my position on Trump, and my decision not to vote for him, means that I am supporting Hillary. The absurdity of their argument is hardly worth a response, although I have addressed this in the past.

My decision to be #NeverTrump goes beyond Donald Trump himself. It actually boils down to the reason we supposedly vote in the first place . . . the election of people who understand that our rights come from God, and that it’s their responsibility to ensure those rights by strictly following the Constitution. It’s in this specific area that Donald Trump, and the GOP itself, are unworthy and unqualified to represent me.

A surprising accusation leveled against me recently is that I am being stubborn by holding to my principles at the expense of the election. Did you ever think we would see the day in America where putting your principles ahead of politics would be viewed as a vice?

It’s no surprise really. What we are witnessing is the result of decades of looking at issues–for example: abortion, LGBT, Supreme Court–individually instead of seeing them as many parts to the bigger picture of a nation that has drifted from the shores of liberty and is now tossed in whatever direction the winds of progressive humanism takes her. Since these issues are only a piece of the puzzle, fixing one or two of them fails to fix the entire problem.

Politics today reminds me of one of my favorite movies, The Matrix.

In the movie, we learn of a world created by machines that makes slaves of the human race, using them for fuel to feed its existence, and armed with agents programmed to destroy those who attempt to escape. We learn how one man, Neo, destroys the machine world and the agents . . . setting the captives free.

I see America today in bondage as slaves to the machine we call the Washington establishment — represented by both parties and all three branches of government. I see the party leaders in the two-party system as the agents programmed to destroy anyone who attempts to escape the establishment. And as a result, I see the citizens of America enslaved as fuel to feed its existence.

Considering this, I think it’s time for Christian Constitutional Conservatives to be like Neo. Break free of the Matrix. Destroy the agents and the establishment machine they protect. Set the captives free.


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