G.O.P. establishment ready to crush the opposition


“I think we are going to crush them everywhere,” McConnell said. “I don’t think they are going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country.”

With these words, Mitch McConnell (R-ino KY) declared his war strategy for taking down the Democrats in 2014 during his surprise appearance at the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) event this past weekend. Actually, that’s not accurate. In reality, he made this declaration in an interview with the very liberal New York Times, and the group he plans to take down in 2014 are many of the same Conservatives and T.E.A. Party members who either attended, spoke at, or are supported by CPAC.

McConnell has since attempted to “clarify” his statement to say that he’s a “big supporter of the T.E.A. Party,” and that his only issue is with the Senate Conservatives Fund—who just happen to support his opponent, Matt Bevin—for being a “rogue political operation that has co-opted the liberty movement.” The dictionary defines “rogue” as a dishonest person” and a “dangerous solitary animal.” Is it me, or doesn’t that sound more like McConnell and the rest of the G.O.P. establishment?

It would be nice to give him the benefit of the doubt, but as we see in this piece from Erick Erickson at RedState.com, this isn’t McConnell’s first rodeo when it comes to attacking the T.E.A. Party movement:

Actually, Mitch McConnell has been pretty open in the past about his contempt for conservatives. He has referred to conservatives and the outside groups they fund, as traitors, bullies, drunks, and fringe. He claims conservatives “tear up every bar they walk into,” and he wants to “punch” the tea party “in the nose.”

Those are his words. And he has been pretty consistent over time. Back in 2009, McConnell’s associates famously put James Dobson in a terribly embarrassing spot when they lied about Rand Paul’s record. McConnell sent staff into Kentucky to defeat Rand Paul.

McConnell isn’t alone in his opposition to these groups. His reinforcements include insiders such as: John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John BoehnerPeter King (R-NY), the Main Street Partnership, and pretty much anyone in G.O.P. leadership. Even some members of the Conservative media are doing what they can to crush the T.E.A. Party, including Ann Coulter, who called those who oppose establishment Republicans “shysters.”

In response to those who support the establishment Republicans, it’s important to remember that the last time they controlled both chambers of Congress, the Patriot Act was reauthorized and expanded (which led to the NSA abuses we are now dealing with), the Energy Policy Act was passed (which led to the ban on incandescent light bulbs), and the Department of Homeland Security was created. With only one veto from George W. Bush in his first term, spending exploded with massive increases in agricultural subsidies in the farm bill of 2002, the new Medicare Part D prescription drug entitlement of 2003, a 47% increase in the defense budget, and an 80% increase in education spending.

So, when establishment members of the G.O.P. tell Conservatives to “trust” them to do the right thing after they have the majority again, pardon us for being a bit skeptical.

Which brings us to the real motivation behind this declaration of war on Conservatives and T.E.A. Party Republicans. Quite simply, the inside-the-beltway politicians have run out of options. They can no longer play the “I’m just like you” card and get away with it. Those who believe in smaller government, reduced spending, lower taxes, and upholding the Constitution are no longer willing to choose between Democrat and Democrat-lite.

Establishment Republicans should be targeting Democrats. Instead, they would rather put their faith in being an incumbant, the unpopularity of Obamacare, and the weakest economic recovery in history to give them back the majority. And it just might, but when you consider their track record, having the G.O.P. in control of Congress means that there is likely to be very little change in America.

One more thing to consider: why are Democrats siding with Republicans in attacking the right? Could it be that they know they have a better chance of keeping some of their power if the G.O.P. insiders are their partners? Could it be that there is little difference between a progressive Republican and a Progressive Democrat?

Conservatives and the T.E.A. Party know the answer to that question, and will vote accordingly in the upcoming primaries.


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