Conservatives must resolve to rise up in 2015

New Year's Resolution

Happy 2015 America!

New Year’s day is often a time of reflection for the year just gone while also being a time to set goals for the new year just begun.

Looking back on 2014, Conservatives had a decent year. Most notably, the part we played in the historic landslide election that resulted in the removal of Harry “The Henchman” Reid from his lofty position as the Senate Majority Leader when we helped the Republican party retake control of the Senate. We also helped increase the number of Republicans in the House of Representatives.

Clearly, we played a significant role in electing a Congress that can stop Obama’s runaway socialistic agenda. But alas, this came with ugly consequences.

During the primaries, Gutless On Principles (GOP) Hall of Shame member Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-INO KY) joined forces with fellow member Rep. John Boehner (R-INO OH) in a declaration of war against the same conservative groups that gave them their newfound power. And that was just the beginning.

Another Gutless On Principles (GOP) Hall of Shame enshrinee, Sen. John McCain (R-INO AZ), has created a political machine that has as its only objective the elimination of the T.E.A. Party and other conservative groups in that state. A rather ironic objective considering the official statement of his spokesman:

“Sen. McCain has been a supporter of efforts to expand the party and to get more people involved,” Brian Rogers, a McCain spokesman, told Politico.

Yeah, because nothing says “let’s work together” like raising money to “marginalize” members of your own party, a word used by a McCain supporter in the Politico story.

The Republican machine in Washington is also preparing for 2016, promoting such pathetic candidates as:

It may just be a coincidence, but all three of these guys are also members of the Gutless On Principles (GOP) Hall of Shame.

So, as we make our goals for 2015, we must rededicate ourselves to the important task at hand. We must stand ever stronger against increased opposition to the conservative and constitutional values necessary to save America, even when it comes from Republicans.

A specific action we can take right away is to continue the push to remove Boehner as the Speaker of the House. The leadership votes will take place next week. Contact your member of Congress and insist that they vote NO on Boehner. Consider getting involved in the “Dump Boehner” campaign being sponsored at World Net Daily.

Some basic things you can do in the new year to make a difference is to write your Congressman and Senators on a regular basis, holding them accountable to the promises they made to win your vote, such as: repealing Obamacare, opposing amnesty for illegals, lowering taxes, shrinking the size of government, and rebuilding the economy.

While 2014 ended with some promise, it’s clear that Conservatives have a lot of work ahead of them to see America return to greatness. So, join me in making a resolution to rise up in 2015 against any Democrat or Republican who stands in the way of that goal.


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