Call Fort Hood massacre what it is: Terrorism!

Fort Hood

Over five years ago (November 5, 2009) at the Fort Hood military post in Texas, Army Major Nidal Hasan, a radical American-born Islamist opened fire on several of his fellow unarmed soldiers who were about to deploy. By the time the carnage had ended, 13 people were dead and 32 were injured. During his trial, Hasan said he was motivated by al Qaeda, the Taliban, and other groups considered by the United States to be supporters of terrorism.

After avoiding the situation for years, the Obama administration eventually made the determination that this incident was nothing more than a disgruntled employee involved in a case of workplace violence. Now, under the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act, the Secretary of Defense has the latitude to determine if an incident such as this was motivated by a terrorist organization, and the Department of Defense can decide who receives military decorations.

Today, lawyers for the military and civilian personnel who were killed or wounded at Fort Hood used this new latitude given the Secretary to file a petition with the Pentagon asking that the incident be declared an act of terrorism. Attorney Neal Sher told Reuters that the designation could make military personnel in the attack eligible for the Purple Heart and civilians eligible for the Medal for Defense of Freedom. Cetain military benefits could also be granted.

A Pentagon spokesman said the military is looking at how incidents like Fort Hood, and other incidents that have transpired since the 9-11 attacks in 2001, fit its criteria. In an email response to the request, Lt. Commander Nate Christenson said:

“We anticipate a determination on all such incidents… in the near future.”

Gee, don’t break a sweat or anything, Lieutenant. It’s only been five years. Take your time.

Actually, the Lt. Commander’s response sounds a lot like the “kick the can down the road” politi-speak response that has become so common when someone is covering for the Obama administration. I hope I’m wrong, but history doesn’t give much reason to think otherwise.

Obama jumped to the “workplace violence” explanation for Fort Hood for a very simple reason. His policy of appeasement toward radical Islam made him look weak and emasculated. If a terrorist attack occurred under his watch, it would reinforce that perception and damage his already weak foreign policy.

But the time of playing with the facts of this incident has long past. It’s time to call this for what it is… TERRORISM! It’s time to give these victims the honor and recognition they deserve.


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