Jeb Bush enshrined in the G.O.P. Hall of Shame

Jeb Bush appears unhappy over the news of his enshrinement

Jeb Bush appears unhappy over the news of his enshrinement

The evidence keeps piling up against the establishment Republicans as they prepare their attempt to take back the White House in 2016.

Earlier this week, we enshrined Mitt Romney in the Gutless On Principles (GOP) Hall of Shame for being too much like “mmm-mmm-mmm” Barack Hussein Obama. Specifically, it was Mitt the Flip’s Obama-esque policy positions on healthcare—Romneycare served as the model for Obamacare—and his open embrace of amnesty for illegals. Today, we welcome a new member, Jeb Bush.

Like Romney and Obama, JB has no problem with granting amnesty to illegals; people who he says aren’t criminals, but simply people acting out of love. In a recent Wall Street Journal interview, Bush shared his objections to Obama’s unconstitutional Executive Order; not for taking the action, but because the order didn’t go far enough. When he was asked if his problem with what Obama did was the substance of his proposal or the way it was proposed, JB’s answer was “it’s the way.” In other words, he’s cool with what Obama did, he just wishes he did it had been done differently.

And what did Bush mean by that? He meant that he doesn’t think Obama went far enough.

After admitting that he didn’t know the details of Obama’s order—apparently, being illegal isn’t detailed enough for the aspiring president—he clarified his comment:

“First of all, I don’t know the exact details. I mean, frankly, he didn’t permanently change things because he doesn’t have anywhere near close that authority to do it… He granted a deferral of the execution of the law for a couple of years. So these people are still in limbo.”

“What we need to do is get to some certainty for people, the 11 million people that are here, five million of which he dealt with. We need to find some . . . give them some legal status and move to a system that is more economically driven.” (emphasis mine)

It has been documented that terrorists are entering the United States thanks to our open borders, and that Obama’s amnesty plan provides incentives to hire illegals over U.S. citizens. And JB thinks that this is nothing more than an expression of love. What an idiot.

Jeb Bush’s approach to illegal immigration and border security has earned him a new label based on an acrostic using the letters in his name:

J. E. B. – Just Eliminate Borders

By the way, Bush also supports the federal seizure of public education, also known as Common Core; and he has gone on record as stating that he doesn’t need Conservatives to win an election. Just two more reasons he is unqualified to represent the Republican party in 2016; and two more reasons he has earned this distinction.

Jeb Bush – Member of the Gutless On Principles (GOP) Hall of Shame.