Obama provides incentives to hire illegals over Americans – GOP does nothing!

illegal-aliens-jobs-voting-democrat-political-cartoonWhen added to the disastrous Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare), Obama’s unconstitutional Executive Order granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants just made things a lot worse for Americans looking for a job—and even those who have a job—thanks to a loophole in the Obamacare law that creates an incentive for employers to hire illegals over legal citizens.

According to an article in The New American, the incentive for employers to hire illegal immigrants over legal residents, including native-born citizens, is due to the regulation found in Obamacare law that deals with the requirement by employers to offer “affordable, adequate” healthcare coverage or be fined $3000 a year for each full-time worker getting a premium tax credit. The premium tax credit is offered directly to individuals not offered coverage through an employer and who have applied to purchase insurance through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace.

Under Obamacare rules, coverage is considered “unaffordable” if the employee needs to contribute more than 9.5% of their family income to employer coverage. Coverage is deemed “inadequate” if the insurance doesn’t pay for at least 60% of healthcare costs. When Obama’s amnesty for illegals is combined with this rule, the loophole is created.

Since these illegal immigrants who have been granted the right to remain in America are ineligible to buy insurance through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace, employers who hire them are exempted from paying the fines. According to Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), the end result is a $3000 incentive to hire those who came here illegally while allowing illegals ahead of legal citizens:

“If it is true that the president’s actions give employers a $3000 incentive to hire those who came here illegally, he as added insult to injury,” said Rep. Smith. “The president’s actions have just moved those who came here illegally to the front of the line, ahead of unemployed and underemployed Americans.”

Meanwhile, the GOP plans to do nothing about it.

As we have already documented, Republicans have already gone on record that they will do nothing about Obama’s Executive Order, nor will they use the power of the purse to defund Obamacare. It was just two weeks ago that Eric Cantor’s replacement, newly-elected House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, confirmed that he would not push for a vote to repeal Obamacare.

On Saturday, out-going Rep. Michelle Bachmann reported that during a closed-door GOP caucus meeting this past week, Speaker of the House John Boehner and many other congressional leaders “acted as though the amnesty issue wasn’t even an issue.” She continued, “They said that the President is going to do what he’s going to do, and we are not going to get down in the mud with him. We are not going to engage, and what we are going to do is to talk about our positive solutions on jobs, the economy, education, and manufacturing.”

The cowards leading the Republican party refuse to honor their promise to stop Obama, and they are ignoring the clear mandate given them on election day. So, while Obamacare and King Obama’s order granting amnesty to millions of illegals makes it easier to hire illegals over American citizens, the GOP will be free to get ready to make Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush the next Republican to lose a presidential race.

Way to go, GOP!
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