Trump BFF and advisor Sean Hannity calls for a gun-control Gestapo

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History has proven conclusively that in 1933 Adolf Hitler used gun control and gun registration laws to identify, disarm, and attack political opponents and Jews. He also suspended constitutional rights, conducted mass search and seizure operations in search of guns, and denied gun licenses for those the state considered politically threatening.

Years later, the Nazi’s dealt their final blow against the Jewish community when the Gestapo, armed with the registration records necessary to track down all gun owners, ordered German Jews to surrender their weapons to the State. Even those who voluntarily complied with the order were turned in to the State police.

The parallels between the actions taken by Nazi Germany and America today in the area of gun control is unmistakable. Please note I didn’t say “identical.”

I’m not saying Trump and the GOP enablers of the Far Left are planning to exterminate millions of people. I am saying they are motivated by the same liberty-killing agenda designed to protect the interests of the State above the interests of the citizenry.

It’s important we understand that gun seizures didn’t happen overnight. It took many years before Hitler had the means to disarm the populous. It also took the creation of the Nazi Police State known as the Gestapo to get the job done.

In the aftermath of the recent mass shootings, Trump and the GOP are working on both.

Trump gave us his gun-control wish list earlier this week, including background checks, expanded red flag laws, and forced involuntary incarceration of those considered too mentally ill to own a gun.

Meanwhile, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio are pushing for the federalization of red flag laws and passage of the Threat Assessment, Prevention and Safety (TAPS) Act. The TAPS Act requires EVERYONE to undergo a personal threat assessment to single out those deemed to be a future criminal and “stop dangerous individuals before they can commit an act of violence” by denying them their Second Amendment rights.

In the Gestapo department, some of this work began under Obama who used shooting tragedies and inner-city riots as a foundation to build a federal police force to keep the peace — an idea Trump has embraced as president.

Earlier this week, Trump advisor and Faux News’ faux conservative journalist Sean Hannity called for the creation of an all-out police state that sounds like it came right out of Hermann Göring’s Gestapo handbook.

Did you know the Gestapo was built by recruiting past and present officers from various police forces? Did you also know the success of the Gestapo relied heavily on civilians willing to report “suspicious” individuals to the police … kind of like red flag laws?

The proposals by Trump and the GOP carry all the markings of the gun control laws of Nazi Germany, and Hannity’s idea sounds like the beginnings of a Gestapo-styled police state.

Is history about to repeat itself?


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