If you liked post-9/11 loss of liberty, you’ll love Trump’s gun control plans

I wrote yesterday how Republicans were just as likely as their Democrat counterparts to use tragedies like this past weekend’s mass shootings to advance their liberty-killing political agenda of growing the size and scope of government. So far, they followed the script exactly as expected.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) — who carries a 93% lifetime rating with the NRA but a 31% (F) Liberty Score® with Conservative Review — has come out in full support of several gun-control ideas sure to bring a smile to the face of Nancy Pelosi. Included in his wish list are expanded background checks, raising the firearms purchasing age to 21, and expanding Red Flag laws.

Concerning red flag laws, the GOP was working on this gun-confiscation scheme even before the recent shootings. However, it’s about to get real up in here.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said yesterday he has struck a bipartisan deal to advance a bill he co-sponsored last year with Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) federalizing red flag laws.

Graham also said he spoke with President “take the guns first, go through due process second” Trump about the idea, and according to Graham … get ready for a shock … Trump “seems very supportive” of his proposal.

In his televised statement yesterday in response to the mass shootings, Trump made a pitch for Red Flag laws with a frightening twist reminiscent of the reaction we saw post-9/11 when NSA spying became the new norm.

I don’t want you to miss this: Trump is demanding that social media companies “develop tools to detect mass shooters before they strike” and said, “the perils of the internet and social media cannot be ignored and will not be ignored.”

Trump is also directing the Department of Justice to work with local, state, and federal agencies to create new ways to identify potential attackers, and he asked the FBI to provide a list of the resources necessary for them to investigate and disrupt “hate crimes and domestic terrorism.”

And you thought the Patriot Act was a bad deal for liberty?

Trump also called upon the Unibrow Party to “come together” to pass “strong background checks.” And in an obvious attempt to soften the impact his gun-control proposals will have on the cult, Trump suggested it be attached to “necessary” immigration reform.

Something tells me Trump will sign gun-control legislation with or without an immigration rider. Because tragedies require action, even if it’s the wrong action, so long as the party’s liberty-killing agenda is advanced and the interests of big government are protected.

By the way, for a glimpse at another dangerous gun control idea coming down the pike, check out the article I wrote in June, The TAPS Act: Sort of like red flag laws on steroids. The Senate version of the TAPS ACT was co-sponsored by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), and will require mental health assessments on EVERBODY who wants to buy a gun and will deny gun ownership to anyone government feels MIGHT commit a crime.

That’s right. It’s a law that gives government the “power” to predict a gun crime and prevent it from happening. Really.


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