De facto POTUS Ivanka Trump’s war on the Second Amendment begins

Last week I wrote a series of articles about the new emphasis we are seeing from Donald Trump, the faux conservatives in Congress, and the judiciary to begin dismantling the Second Amendment in response to the mass shootings in El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH.

Despite claims to the contrary by those who would defend Trump even if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue — does that mean he gets to keep his guns after he takes ours? — Trump and the GOP are openly pushing “sensible gun control” once only dreamed of by the Far-Left.

And not to say I told you so, but we saw this coming after witnessing Trump’s “take the guns first, go through due process second” reaction to the Parkland, FL, high school shootings last year.

Even as the likes of Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio renew their push to federalize red flag laws and pass the Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety (TAPS) Act, Trump has removed all doubt of his intentions and has doubled down on his plan to do things to the Second Amendment even Obama never tried.

Still, Trump is notorious for being a copout and coward when it comes to betraying his base and doing what liberals do. And that’s why he is passing this task off to the woman he’d be having sex with if she wasn’t his daughter, Ivanka Trump.

Even before Congress returns from their August recess, Daddy’s Precious has already been in contact with several members of Congress to get a “better understanding” on where they stand concerning so-called “reform” of gun laws.

That’s understandable. Destroying the Second Amendment is hard work and can be complicated.

According to an aid, de facto President Ivanka Trump didn’t address her father’s position on gun control during her discussions with members of Congress, but she didn’t need to. On social media the weekend of the TX and OH shootings, she made her administration’s anti-Second Amendment position crystal clear in a retweet of a Lindsey Graham post.

Ivanka’s role concerning gun control should not be dismissed.

On some of the biggest Far-Left issues advanced by this administration, Ivanka has been the one responsible for their success. Paid family leave, the global warming agenda, and criminal justice reform (aka Jailbreak) are but a few of the policies with Ivanka’s fingerprints all over them.

In the end, however, this news about de facto President Ivanka Trump all but guarantees that we will see the Constitution destroyed in ways we thought could only happen if Hillary had won in 2016.

You know? When you consider that The Donald has been a long-time supporter of Hillary and that Ivanka is promoting many of Hillary’s 2016 campaign issues, maybe Bill’s wife won after all.


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