Ivanka’s global warming agenda marches on behind closed doors

Republicans are so concerned about their survival as a party that they’re willing to go to any lengths to save their political posteriors. This is why Trump and the GOP have caved to Democrat demands on vital issues such as government-run childcare, Hillary’s paid family leave, unconstitutional gun control, and other issues that happen to be top priorities of Trump advisor Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka has also been acting as Trump’s unofficial “climate czar” and has been in charge of daddy’s global warming agenda since he won in 2016. And while her father talks a tough game in public about so-called climate change, the woman Trump once said he’d be having sex with if she weren’t his daughter has been promoting policies that have even impressed her environmentalist hero, Al Gore.

One of the socialist-lite approaches to global warming receiving renewed interest by “Nationalist Conservatives” is the creation and implementation of a carbon tax. Because nothing will heal the environment — or fund the GOP’s spending addiction — like taxing nature’s plant food (CO2).

In discussions held mostly behind closed doors, Democratic Socialists are nearly orgasmic about a growing openness by the GOP to pass “meaningful” — politispeak for Far-Left — climate change legislation, including a redistribute-the-wealth carbon tax scheme.

Rep. Francis Rooney (R-FL), who after his first two years in Congress carries a 61% (D) Liberty Score®, is a big proponent of the carbon tax and recently stated, “I don’t understand what it is about people in politics that they seem to be immune from some of these large shifts in opinion in the real world [about global warming]. I mean all the large-company CEO’s are taking responsible steps to deal with climate change and sea-level rise.”

Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) said of these behind-closed-door meetings, “I’ve had very constructive dinners, meetings, conversations with Republican senators who see the threat of climate change who agree that we need to take action.”

Earlier this month, Energy Secretary Rick Perry called for “policies that reduce emissions” and hinted that a carbon tax might be in America’s future.

I’ve heard from many in the cult that Trump has no part in all of this, and they point to his decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement as proof. But as I’ve repeatedly documented, Ivanka opposed daddy’s decision, a decision that was fake to begin with. We’re still in the Paris agreement until, coincidentally, the day after the 2020 election.

If Trump wins next year, there will be nothing keeping Ivanka from chalking up another policy victory with the passage of Far-Left global warming legislation — all with the blessing of daddy and his GOP swamp buddies.

We might not have to wait until 2020. Dan Byers, vice president for policy at the US Chamber of Commerce’s Global Energy Institute, predicts Trump will sign “a nice package of climate energy innovation-focused legislation” before the end of this year.

Either way, Ivanka’s radical agenda wins and liberty loses.


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