GOP and Nationalist Conservatives working with Dems on carbon tax bill

Back in March, Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) thumbed their noses at their energy-producing state constituents by calling on “all Americans” to pursue “pragmatic [environmental] policies” in order to save us from the impending environmental apocalypse brought on by man-caused global warming.

“On the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, we agree it is time to act. And that is why we will work to find responsible solutions worthy of West Virginians, Alaskans, and all Americans.

“This is often portrayed as an issue with just two sides — those who support drastic, unattainable measures to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, and those who want to do nothing. We believe the time for sensationalism is over. And we are seeking ideas that will bring people together, rather than drive them apart.”

*Note: This would be the same man-caused global warming Al Gore warned in 2009 would make the North Pole ice-free by 2016.

As I wrote in March, Murkowski and Manchin are examples of Washington’s long-term strategy to move America toward socialism and away from liberty using small baby steps to get there.

This has created a political environment where Republicans no longer look for ways to stop the Far-Left agenda, choosing instead to create a “Conservative Socialist” alternative to our loss of liberty.

One example of what this looks like can be seen in an op-ed cowritten earlier this year by GOP Reps. John Shimkus (ranking member of the House Environment and Climate Change subcommittee) and Greg Walden (ranking member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee) In their global warning opine, they condemned Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal as too extreme and promoted their “Republican Alternative.”

The latest incarnation of this “Socialist Lite” approach to so-called climate change comes to us in the form of another round of attempts to place a tax on carbon emissions.

Last week, Rep. Francis Rooney (R-FL) joined Reps. Christopher Coons (D-DE) and Dan Lipinski (D-IL) to introduce bills imposing a carbon “fee.” These three bills join two other carbon tax proposals introduced earlier this year in the House and the Senate.

Would Trump sign such a bill? Probably.

Trump has made Ivanka, an Al Gore devotee, his defacto climate czar. Under her “leadership,” Kelvin Droegemeier was named Director of the Office of Science and Technology. He is a strong proponent of government-financed action to address so-called climate change.

By the way, Droegemeier’s appointment received the unqualified support of Obama’s radical far-left science advisor, John Holdren, who held the belief that forced abortions, infanticide, and mandatory mass-sterilization should be used to fight global warming.

Unfortunately, today’s “Nationalist Conservatism” movement has destroyed true conservatism. Big government is no longer viewed as a threat to liberty. Instead, we are to embrace big government’s pro-socialist, anti-free market ideals as a conservative “alternative” to Democratic Socialism.

FOX News host Tucker Carlson said at the recent Nationalist Conservative Conference, “The main threat to [liberty] doesn’t come from government anymore. It comes from the private sector.”

Is it just me, or do Carlson’s words sound like something you’d hear from someone advocating a carbon tax?



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