Reflections on walking the lonely conservative road in the Age of Trump

One year ago tomorrow, I wrote an article entitled Walking the Lonely Conservative Road in the Age of Trump. In it, I shared how my mission to be a leading voice in the call for a return to conservative values has faced overwhelming opposition from not only the Far-Left, but also from Republicans and so-called conservatives.

Recently, I had reason to reflect on that article, and I was amazed at how little things have changed in the past year; in fact, in many ways, things are worse.

Republicans are still cowards and liars willing to sell their political souls to Democrats and Donald Trump — but I repeat myself — for political gain. This is one of the contributing factors behind the Blue Tsunami that occurred in last year’s mid-terms.

Not all that surprising when you think about it. After all, the fecklessness of the Republican Party has been a well-established fact under the Gutless On Principles leadership of Mitch McConnell and many like him for some time now.

As sad as that is, it’s not the worst part.

In the Age of Trump, the conservative movement that gave rise to groups dedicated to fighting big-government tyranny and oppression has been consumed by Trumpservatism. One-by-one, groups like the House Freedom Caucus, the Senate Conservatives Fund, and the Convention of States Project have sacrificed their conservative principles on the altar of Trump.

This past year has also witnessed a complete capitulation to Trumpism by the faux conservative media, such as when former conservatives Mark Levin and Glenn Beck joined forces to create the pro-Trump echo chamber and home of faux conservatives now known as BlazeTV.

And, of course, what would the explosion of Trumpism and the death of conservatism be without the eternal worship and adoration being heaped on “God’s Man” by the Fellowship if the Pharisees?

The latest incarnation of the death of conservatism over the past year was recently revealed as Nationalist Conservativism. This big-government, pro-socialist, anti-liberty ideology is being touted as a patriotic America First alternative to the Far-Left, but there’s nothing patriotic or conservative about it.

In the Age of Trump, the death of true conservatism and the rise of Nationalism is no longer in doubt. The only question remaining is how will we respond?

One year ago, I promised to remain on the path of my principals, and I’m just as committed to doing so today. It’s still a lonely journey, but I would still rather walk the right road alone than walk the wrong road with the crowd.


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