House Freedom Caucus’ journey to the dark side is now complete

A long time ago in a Congress far, far away, the House Freedom Caucus was formed to be a type of Rebel Alliance dedicated to fighting the empire known as the GOP establishment. After ruling for years through fear, intimidation, and lies, the GOP had grown into a powerful and dark force that, unless destroyed, would continue to grow until freedom was swallowed by tyranny.

You may have noticed that I used imagery loosely based on the Star Wars movies. I used it because I believe that it paints a different, but accurate picture of how evil the GOP has become and how important the fight against them is to our survival.

Alas, unlike the Rebel Alliance’s success over the Empire in Return of the Jedi, the House Freedom Caucus has not only failed to defeat the GOP, they’ve now joined forces with the Republican establishment. Not to fight for conservative values, but to save the former party of Reagan from its inevitable demise.

In light of the GOP’s 2018 mid-term shellacking — which occurred in part due to their embrace of Trumpservatism — the Freedom Caucus has announced that it is officially teaming up with the Republican establishment in opposition to the Democrats.

“[When] you’re in the minority — your choice is either to swim together or sink together,” said Rep. Mark Walker, vice chairman of the House Republican Conference. “Next thing, they’ll be having drinks together.”

This new alliance received the blessing of GOP minority leader and Sith Lord Kevin McCarthy, who only last month punished Freedom Caucus members by removing them from prime committee assignments because they voted against him for party leader .

Rep. Mark Meadows, a man calls a “strong conservative and ally of Donald Trump” — in Star Wars parlance, he’d be called Trump’s “Padawan” — was recently re-elected as House Freedom Caucus Chairman. Calling his new alliance with McCarthy a “good” thing, Meadows is absolutely giddy about using his chairmanship to do his master’s bidding.

This new arrangement is being praised because it targets Democrats as the common enemy of Republicans and the House Freedom Caucus, but it will inevitably fail because there’s simply no difference between the two major parties when it comes to protecting the Constitution and conservative values.

“Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.”

The midterms should have been a wakeup call to the House Freedom Caucus that starting down the dark path toward Trump and GOP would end badly. Sadly, they made the choice anyway, and as Master Yoda warned, the dark path will now forever dominate their destiny.



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