Faux conservative Trumpists are the result of faux conservative media

Yesterday, I shared some of the interactions I’ve been having lately with faux conservative Trumpists who are targeting me and others like me for fighting for the Constitution and conservative values simply because we refuse to worship at the altar of Trump.

It’s a sad reality that these sycophants are convinced that Trumpservatism equals conservatism, but sadder still is how they are being deceived by the so-called conservative media into believing such an obvious lie. Evidence of what I mean can be seen in a portion of an email I shared yesterday from a listener:

” David Leach, you are a Left-leaning liberal Democrat. I suggest you get off your soap box and start listening to some real conservatives like Limbaugh, Savage, Hannity, or Levine [sic].”

As frustrating as it can be dealing with people incapable of independent and rational thought, I can see why Trump’s “sheeple” are clueless about conservatism and as a result, clueless about how Trumpservatism is nothing but a cheap counterfeit of the real thing.

One of the reasons for their ignorance is due to clickservatives in the media who have elected to enter the wide gate of compromise instead of the narrow gate of conviction. These charlatans use conservative values as a commodity to be bartered for a seat at Trump’s table.

While all of the names mentioned in the listener’s email above are documented sellouts to Trumpism, I specifically pointed out how Mark Levin is one of the obvious fatalities in conservative talk radio. Not only has he taken to attacking members of Congress who dare to defy Trump’s agenda, he’s been keeping himself busy spreading deep-state conspiracies while basking in the aura of Trump’s approval.

Another formerly conservative fatality in the media is Mark Levin’s new business partner, Glenn Beck. Like Levin, Beck used to oppose Donald Trump. And just like Levin, Beck has joined the ranks of Trump sycophants.

The latest example of what this looks like comes to us via a report by the Daily Beast. Beck, speaking on his TheBlaze TV show, joined pal Pat Gray for a discussion of the decline of masculinity and stated that Donald Trump is the last male role model left in America. (emphasis mine)

Speaking of Blaze TV, do you remember how Beck promised the merger between his media company and Levin’s CRTV would be a place ideological differences between hosts would be welcomed? That’s not what’s happening so far. In the days since the merger, BlazeTV has become just  another Trump echo chamber. And get this: Beck is using his Trumpism as a marketing tool.

Yesterday, I received an email inviting me to subscribe to Blaze TV from former FOX News and current BlazeTV personality Eric Bolling. It reads in part:


I have brand new interviews with Kellyanne Conway, Ben Carson, Diamond & Silk, and many more conservatives waiting for you to watch…

… And don’t forget all of the other members of the president’s inner circle who come on BlazeTV because our interviews are 100% free of liberal gotcha questions.

In the Age of Trump, this is what passes as conservative media: softball questions and access to Trump’s “inner circle.”

And we wonder why conservatism is dying in America.



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