Senate Conservatives Fund endorses Trumpist “conservatives” for 2020

In the piece I wrote yesterday, Reflections on walking the lonely conservative road in the Age of Trump, I documented how conservatism is being destroyed by politicians, the faux conservative media, the Fellowship of the Pharisees, and once reliable groups like Tea Party Patriots and the Senate Conservatives Fund.

In every instance, I showed how conservatism has been replaced by Trumpservatism and Trump’s Nationalist agenda — which, in reality, is nothing but socialism disguised as a “conservative alternative” to the agenda of the Far-Left.

In an ironic bit of timing, I received an email yesterday from the Senate Conservatives Fund identifying the three “most vulnerable Senate Democrats in 2020” — Doug Jones (AL), Gary Peters (MI), and Jeanne Shaheen (NH).

With a declaration of how these Democrats can be defeated if “we … act now,” the Senate Conservatives Fund asked for donations to support the campaigns of State Rep. Arnold Mooney (R-AL), combat veteran John James (R-MI), and retired General Don Bolduc (R-NH). Here’s an excerpt from the email:

“The most vulnerable Senate Democrats in 2020 are Senators Doug Jones (D-AL), Gary Peters (D-MI), and Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH). President Donald Trump won Alabama and Michigan in 2016, and only lost New Hampshire by less than one percent.

“We can defeat these Democrats and prevent the most extreme liberals in Washington from taking over the Senate, but we need to act now to support the strongest conservative challengers.

“That’s why we’re working with local supporters and patriots across the country to raise funds for State Rep. Arnold Mooney (R-AL), combat veteran John James (R-MI), and retired General Don Bolduc (R-NH).

“These candidates are true conservatives, they have strong grassroots support in their states, and they can win with your help.

“Unlike many Republicans in the Senate today, Arnold Mooney, John James, and Don Bolduc will work with President Trump to secure our borders, cut spending, give patients control over their health care, protect our Second Amendment rights, confirm good judges, and defend human life.

“Your support will keep the Democrats from controlling the Senate, and it will give President Trump the support he needs to advance a conservative agenda, including the confirmation of another strong justice to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

Republicans in the Senate aren’t working with Trump? Part of the problem in Washington is they’re working with him too much.

True conservatives? I guess it depends on what the definition of the word “is” is. (H/T Bill Clinton)

Besides the fact that working “with” Trump means you support his Nationalist agenda and are therefore NOT conservative, Trump and the GOP promised to address these very issues in 2016 when voters gave them full control of Washington … and they broke every promise:

If you liked Republican lies in 2016, you’ll love the 2020 election.

Two of the three endorsements (James and Bolduc) have no track record to gauge their conservative credentials, so SCF is touting their military service. Of course, I’m grateful for their service, but that doesn’t qualify them to serve in the U.S. Senate, and it certainly doesn’t make them conservatives (see John McCain).

Mooney has a limited record as a state representative indicating possible conservative leanings, but all doubt concerning his conservative bona fides were put to rest recently when he scored a BIG endorsement from faux conservative Trumpist Mark Levin. According to “the great one,” Mooney is “the most conservative individual” running for U.S. Senate in 2020.

How did Levin come to this conclusion? A possible answer to this question could be that Mooney’s son, Gaston Mooney, worked with Levin as President of CRTV and is now co-president of the Mark Levin/Glenn Beck pro-Trump echo chamber known as BlazeTV.

Earlier this year, then-Senate Conservatives Fund President Ken Cuccinelli abandoned the organization’s stated goal of “limited government” by supporting Trump’s record-breaking spending addiction; he eventually leveraged his faux-conservatism into a sweet gig at the Trump White House. Additionally, Cuccinelli was replaced by Mary Vought, a women who worked for V.P. Pence prior to taking the SCF job.

The Senate Conservatives Fund has completely sold out to Trump and his Nationalist agenda, and their endorsement of any candidate should be looked at through that lens.


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