Daddy’s science advisor nominee will advance Ivanka’s global warming agenda

Do you remember when Trump allegedly withdrew America from the Paris Climate Accord? I say “allegedly” because, as I wrote at the time, Trump’s announcement came with a little-noticed caveat:

“…the United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, but begin negotiations to re-enter that Paris Accord or an entirely new transaction…”

Much like his fake repeal of Obamacare, Trump’s Paris Agreement decision was a fake withdrawal.

Trump’s vacillation regarding global warming is really no surprise, especially when we remember that the woman he would be hitting on if she wasn’t his daughter, Presidential Advisor Ivanka Trump, has made it clear that she is running the show when it comes to the administration’s global warming agenda.

So, it should also come as no surprise that Trump’s nominee to head up the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to be his “science advisor” is a radical proponent of the global warming lie.

Kelvin Droegemeier is in charge of weather and climate research at the University of Oklahoma and has advised numerous Democrat governors on energy and climate issues. He is a proponent of government-financed action to address so-called “climate change,” and his nomination is being praised by global warming advocates, including the former science advisor who served under Obama, John Holdren.

If Holdren’s name sounds familiar, it might be because he advocated fighting global warming through population control via forced abortions, infanticide, and mandatory mass sterilization.

Droegemeier’s nomination is also supported by Kei Koizumi, who served under Holdren, and the radical left-wing climate change professor from Penn State Michael Mann.

You know, I found it rather odd that the High Priest of the Church of Global Warming, Al Gore, recently made a point of mentioning how he was wrong about Donald Trump, saying that Ivanka’s Daddy “has had less of an impact (on the environment) so far than I feared that he would.” Now it makes sense.

I call Trump the “in-name-only” president because of the deceptive slight-of-hand way he appears to keep his promises while doing nothing on issues like repealing Obamacare and fixing illegal immigration. Droegemeier’s nomination proves that his promises concerning global warming are no exception to the rule.

So-called global warming is a hoax, and Donald Trump’s so-called climate policies makes him a hoaxer. Unfortunately, Trumplicans and Trumpservatives are too worried about November to stop Ivanka’s global warming agenda and the nomination of a global warming radical. Senate committee hearings are scheduled to begin tomorrow.



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