Pres. Ivanka Trump: US will stay in Paris Climate Agreement

Following a meeting between Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka, and the High Priest of the Church of Global Warming, Al Gore, talking heads worked to assure America that it was only an information-gathering event and that Trump was still a skeptic on the issue of so-called climate change.

In these early days of Trump’s administration, there have been a few “window-dressing” executive orders issued by the administration designed to reverse some of the damage done by Obama’s anti-global warming projects, such as eliminating regulations on energy production. However, the New York liberal masquerading as a conservative has displayed a softening on the subject of global warming since the election, and now claims that climate change is caused by man and that he was keeping an “open mind” with climate issues.

One area where Trump is keeping an open mind is regarding the Paris Climate Agreement and whether he will pull the US out of the international accord entered into by Obama without Senate approval. Unfortunately, with Ivanka now an official advisor to The Donald, it looks like daddy’s little precious is about to make that decision for him.

Around the time of Ivanka’s inconvenient meeting with the fake star of the fake movie, An Inconvenient Truth, reports were already rampant about her plans to drive the global warming agenda within the administration. This fact was recently confirmed even as Team Trump continues to be divided about the Paris Agreement.

Over the next few weeks, Ivanka will be meeting with members of her cabinet—oops, I mean her father’s cabinet—to discuss pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Beginning with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, Ivanka will be making it crystal clear that she wants the US to remain.

The prospects are looking bleak that we will get out of the Paris Climate Agreement. And when you add recent statements by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Senator Susan Collins, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, and a recent appeal by GOP members of Congress to rework the agreement, the chances that Ivanka will get her way are looking pretty good.

By the way, a new study shows that the earth has not warmed in 19 years. In fact, we are likely entering a “Little Ice Age” within the next three years, and it has nothing to do with the activities of man.

Research shows a natural cooling cycle that occurs every 230 years began in 2014 and will send temperatures plummeting even further by 2019.

Scientists are also expecting a “huge reduction” in solar activity for 33 years between 2020 and 2053 that will cause thermometers to crash.


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