Trump snowflakes: It’s free speech for all or it’s free speech for none!

In the past I have written about the avalanche of protests taking place on college campuses across America as a generation of hyper-sensitive snowflakes working to silence the voices of dissent expressed by those who dare to hold an opinion contrary to their own. From the creation of “safe-space zones” designed to protect them from hearing things they don’t agree with to riots at U.C. Berkeley–considered the home of the free speech movement–these emotional train-wrecks are working overtime to protect their fragile psyches from so-called hate speech.

While we’ve come to expect such behavior from the worshipers of leftist ideology, two recent events show how a new breed of anti-free speech snowflake is emerging in The Age of Trump.

Last week, Stephen Colbert–a known liberal–made a crude, sexually explicit remark about Donald Trump on The Late Show. Here’s how Trump cheerleader Eric Bolling with Trump Pravda (a.k.a. FoxNews) covered the situation:

Was it funny? Not in my opinion. Was it homophobic? Nope. It was homosexual; not homophobic. I find it interesting that Trump cultists are so quick to throw around the word used by pro-LGBT radicals when they are trying to silence those they don’t agree with. Should CBS #FireColbert as many so-called conservatives are demanding? No way! Stephen Colbert has the same free speech rights as you and I.

We also learned last week about a private college in Indiana offering a class called “Trumpism & US Democracy” that described Trump as a purveyor of “sexism, white supremacy, xenophobia, nationalism, nativism and imperialism.” Right on cue, so-called conservative outlets rallied the troops. But as we’ve seen before, Trump snowflakes began a campaign of threats and intimidation designed to silence their opposition using social media by posting phone numbers and photos of the professor teaching the class.

Is the class biased? Yes. Is it anti-Trump? You bet. Should the class be cancelled or the professor threatened? Absolutely not! This is a private school. The class is an elective. Students and parents have a choice. How is intimidating this professor any different than the tactics used to keep Ann Coulter from speaking at U.C. Berkeley?

Unpopular speech is the very reason we have the First Amendment. There’s no need to protect popular speech. And while the level of hypocrisy involved from the left in situations such as these is indisputable, Trumpbots need to learn that they will never win the battle of ideas by becoming the thing they abhor.

We MUST have free speech for all, or we will have free speech for none.


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