Carbon taxes: A plan to finance GOP and Trump’s spending addiction

A whistle-blower and former senior scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has accused the agency of faking its global warming data in order to force the United States into signing-on to the Paris Climate Agreement. The agreement was entered into by Obama without Congress at an expense to taxpayers in the neighborhood of $500 million last year, and it resulted in a slew of job-killing, anti-energy regulations.

In light of this revelation, why did a group of GOP has-beens meet with Donald Trump yesterday to discuss the idea of imposing a national carbon tax to replace the regulations enacted under Obama? That’s the proposal offered by the newly formed Climate Leadership Council and its leader, former Secretary-of-State James Baker.

You remember Baker, don’t you? He’s the guy whose law firm represented Exxon and Rex Tillerson, and who pushed for Tillerson to get his old job. Tillerson believes in global warming, supports the Paris Climate Agreement, and is an advocate of using carbon taxes to fight the non-existent crisis.

According to Baker, under the “carbon fee and dividend” scheme, every American would get the money back in the form of a check from the Social Security Administration while creating an insurance policy or something:

“I really don’t know the extent to which it is man-made, and I don’t think anybody can tell you with certainty that it’s all man-made.

” …the risk is sufficiently strong that we need an insurance policy and this is a damn good insurance policy.”

Unfortunately, Baker isn’t talking about insuring planet earth from the consequences of so-called global warming. He’s talking about insuring unlimited revenues to feed the government’s spending addiction–an addiction about to get much worse under Trump.

As The Donald prepares his first official list of spending budget requests–$1 trillion for infrastructure, $500 billion to $1 trillion increase in military spending, and paying for the wall that he promised Mexico would pay for–Conservative members of Congress have already determined that it can’t be done without exploding a budget deficit already over $20 trillion, and projected to grow nearly $9 trillion over the next ten years.

“I don’t think you can do infrastructure, raise defense spending, do a tax cut, keep Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security just as they are, and balance the budget. It’s just not possible,” said Republican Rep. Tom Cole, who is a senior member of the House Budget Committee. “Sooner or later, they’re going to come to grips with it because the numbers force you to.”

This carbon tax scheme will likely get serious consideration from the White House, particularly since global warming is an issue close to the heart of daddy’s little girl Ivanka. She has already shown that she wields significant influence over policy as we recently witnessed with Trump’s decision to let stand a pro-LGBT Obama Executive Order.

According to Baker, this “is a good proposal, it’s simple, it’s conservative, it’s free market, it’s limited government.” In reality, there’s nothing conservative, free market or limited government about it. Obama proposed a plan just like it in 2013–I guess since the socialists now have an “R” after their names, it’s all good–and like his bill, the Republican version uses the revenues from the tax to redistribute the wealth to the “poor” due to the inevitable increase in energy prices.

And I’m sure that the government will do it at no cost.

This is obviously a terrible idea. It will cause energy prices to skyrocket (sound familiar?), give Big Brother one more way to take a bite out of our freedoms, and establish a revenue source for the feds that will never go away–all because Trump and the GOP need more money to feed their spending addiction.

By the way, for those who think I exaggerate concerning the motivations behind the carbon tax, the GOP is also looking to pass a border adjustment tax, which is a perfect complement to the carbon tax. The border tax to “protect jobs,” and the carbon tax to “protect the environment.” And if Washington makes a buck or two as it destroys liberty and freedom, it’s purely a coincidence.


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