Ivanka close to securing paid family leave with help from Daddy and GOP

Yesterday, the Treasury Department reported that the national debt reached a new milestone, topping $22 trillion. The national debt has been rising at a faster pace ever since Trump and the GOP passed their failed tax-cut plan while increasing spending on a bucket list of Barack Obama’s priorities and the military.

Even though the administration blames Democrats for an exploding deficit that candidate Trump once promised to eliminate by the end of his second term, you’d think that a true “conservative” like Trump — that’s sarcasm, folks — would look for ways to shrink the size of government, and as a result, shrink the deficit.

You’d think that, but you’d be wrong. We need look no further than Trump’s State of the Union speech to know that the “King of Debt” loves him some big government.

One of the many let’s spend money we don’t have for things we don’t need agenda items Trump laid out in his SOTU was Ivanka’s Hillary-inspired paid family medical leave.

“I’m also proud to be the first president to include in my budget a plan for nationwide paid family leave so that every parent has a chance to bond with their newborn child.”

Daddy and daughter Trump have been busy working on this key piece of her socialist feminist agenda ever since she was first appointed to be daddy’s “eyes and ears.”

In May 2017, Donald Trump and Ivanka — the woman he once said he’d be having sex with if she wasn’t his daughter — recognized Women’s Health Week by promising to spend more money to expand women’s healthcare and to create a paid family leave plan financed by unemployment insurance.

In February 2018, “conservative” Sens. Mike Lee and Marco Rubio teamed up with Ivanka to create a “budget-neutral” family leave plan. Their proposal would allow participants to “borrow” some of their future benefits from the already-bankrupt Social Security Administration — currently $122 trillion in debt and growing. The plan also received support from Rep. Mark Meadows of the House Freedom Caucus.

In August 2018, Rubio officially unveiled his family leave shell game that would allow families to be paid to take several weeks off work after the birth or adoption of a child in exchange for those future Social Security benefits.

Facing renewed opposition to paid family leave from so-called conservative groups that will still support Trump in 2020 because #notDemocrat, and with the recent introduction of a bill guaranteeing universal paid family leave from Kirsten Gillibrand — a Democrat candidate for president — Ivanka will be meeting with GOP senators to secure their support for a “bipartisan” way to advance her pet project. In an official release announcing the meetings, she said:

“It’s encouraging to see members on both sides of the aisle putting forward paid family leave proposals. We finally have bipartisan agreement on the importance of paid leave for working parents. Now we are seeking to build consensus around policy that can garner enough votes to be passed into law.”

Something tells me she won’t have any problem getting those votes.



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