Trump and the GOP use border wall as a distraction to hide their spending addiction

Last week we heard a lot about how Trump caved to Nancy Pelosi on border wall financing and how he plans to essentially misappropriate federal funds and usurp Congress and the American people via a constitutionally questionable national emergency declaration to pay for his wall.

Lost in this latest episode of the reality TV show we know as the Trump presidency is how even though the national debt just exceeded $22 trillion, Trump and the GOP decided that the government simply isn’t spending enough money.

In the “bipartisan” (aka unibrow) spending bill passed by Congress and soon to be signed by Donald Trump, hundred of billions of dollars for “discretionary” spending will be allocated for everything from homeland security and the State Department to transportation and housing. It also continues to fund Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, refugee resettlements, DACA, and every other Obama era initiative as has been the case ever since Trump and the GOP were given control of Washington in 2016.

Such malfeasance by the Republican Party when it comes to reining in out-of-control government spending is nothing new. As Conservative Review Senior Editor Daniel Horowitz points out, we’ve witnessed the greatest explosion of the national debt at the hands of the Party that claims to stand for smaller government and fiscal responsibility.

Over the past 8 years of varying degrees of GOP control of Congress and the White House, we’ve witnessed the national debt grow from $14 trillion to over $22 trillion — the fastest expansion in the debt in U.S. history.

The debt has increased $8 trillion since the GOP took control of the House in 2011 and by $4 trillion over the past 4 years of GOP control of at least 2 of the three political organs of government (House, Senate, White House).

The deficit for the first three months of the current fiscal year reached $319 billion, putting the country on pace to have a trillion-dollar deficit by September 30. The Congressional Budget Office is predicting annual trillion-dollar deficits to continue for years to come due to Washington’s spending addiction.

One of the biggest drivers of the debt continues to be Obamacare and socialized medicine. The failure by Trump and the GOP to repeal Obamacare not only perpetuates the destruction of health care, but it adds to the debt at the same time.

Ironically, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy bashed conservatives last week for opposing Obamacare and blamed their attempt to repeal it for the GOP’s loss of the House.

Meanwhile, as the financial Armageddon begun by Trump and the GOP reaches nuclear levels, and the annihilation of the US economy draws closer trillion-by-trillion, Ivanka and Daddy Trump are working with Republicans to create a new entitlement — Paid Family Leave.

Trump and the GOP have a spending addiction, and just like any other type of addict will do they’ll try to hide their addiction for as long as possible before bottoming out while simultaneously looking for the next hit or high.


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