When does Donald Trump cross your line?

I’m not a scientist — not even close — but I love studying people and find Trump’s cult-like supporters the most interesting study group of all time.

Think about it; despite the fact that Trump has presided over a rapidly expanding government, an alarming national debt, and has usurped more unauthorized power than any previous POTUS (with the possible exception of FDR), these people show unwavering support and somehow consider themselves “conservatives”.

Let’s be clear: claiming to be a conservative while supporting Trump is like gouging out both eyes and then claiming to have perfect vision. That level of self-denial must be exhausting.

As part of my “study”, I recently asked one of my Trump-supporting friends how she justifies her loyalty to Trump. “He is a horrible person,” she responded, “but I agree with — and support — most of his decisions as President. Besides, he is the President, so he deserves our respect.”

Personally, I’m unable to separate the horrible person in the office from the office itself. I believe it’s literally impossible for an amoral and unethical person to effectively execute the office of POTUS.

Furthermore, respect must be earned and is never deserved. But that’s just me.

I asked my friend how she’s able to separate the person and the office. Her response is typical of how all Trump supporters must respond in order to justify their willingness to overlook his clearly despicable nature, “As long as President Trump is doing good things for the US, who cares about the person Trump?”. She went on to talk about the rising value of her stock portfolio and 401K.

Rather than pursuing the argument over whether or not what he’s done/doing is good for the US, I took the discussion down a different path by asking a ridiculous and hypothetical question:

“What if Donald Trump held a press conference and announced that he’s a pedophile?”


Thankfully, she said she couldn’t support an admitted pedophile as POTUS no matter how much good he does in office.

Did you catch that? That is a Trump supporter acknowledging that morals and ethics do matter. Now that we’d established that she does separate the man from the office, at least to a certain extent, and that pedophilia was crossing the line, I asked if she could identify her line.

If you’re a Trump supporter reading this, I’ll ask you the same question: Where’s your line?

Since you’re still a Trump supporter, paying for sex, grabbing women “by the p*ssy” and “moving on them “like a b*tch” clearly doesn’t cross your line. Neither does taking illegal loans, systematic racism in his rentals, breaking promises left and right (Mexico will pay for the wall, I’ll release my taxes if/when I win the nomination, I’ll pay off the national debt in 8 years, I won’t blame Democrats for the shutdown), etc.

But what if he actually shot someone on 5th Ave? What if, when his taxes are finally revealed, we learn he clearly violated the emoluments clause of U.S. Constitution?

Does any of that cross your line? If not, I wonder if you even have a line.

Will you give the next POTUS the same deferential treatment regarding their honesty, integrity, morals, values and ethics? Or is that forgiveness reserved just for Donald?



Tom proudly opposes anyone who messes with the US Constitution, regardless of party affiliation. He is a pro-life, gun-toting conservative that supports the Convention of States and other measures to limit the size and power of the federal government.

Tom is the father of 4 great men and husband to an amazing wife. You can follow Tom on Twitter and Facebook.

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