Politicizing mass shootings to advance an agenda, a Unibrow Party tradition

The month of August got off to a tragic start as two separate mass shootings took place in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH, leaving 29 people dead and over 50 injured so far.

When such tragedies occur, it’s difficult in today’s America not to jump right into the political ramifications. This is why I try very hard to keep my conclusions about these events and how we should respond to myself until all the facts are in. Unfortunately, those with a political agenda have no such reservations. Instead, they immediately seek ways to leverage these tragedies for maximum political advantage.

Following the deadly shootings, two of the top hashtags trending on Twitter over the weekend were #GunControlNow and #EnoughIsEnough.

Anti-Second Amendment groups such as Moms Demand Action used the tragedy to blame the NRA for the tragic weekend.

Nearly every Democrat candidate for president called for immediate action on a plethora of gun-control laws, including bans on certain types of firearms and ammunition. Additionally, Sherrod Brown (D-OH) called on Congress to hold an emergency vote during the August recess to try and pass “bipartisan” firearm background checks legislation.

Left-leaning media like The Week Magazine used the shootings to conclude that the Second Amendment has failed America.

Republicans and faux conservatives are equally guilty of using these tragedies for political advantage as they point fingers at Democrats for their far-left agenda for gun control, warn us about how only the candidate with an “R” after their name can save us, and then work with Democrats to pass said agenda.

For example, in an appearance in CBS’s Face The Nation yesterday, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) warned against “politicizing the mass shootings” but also said he would drop everything and return to Washington to “discuss gun violence” if a special session was called for as Sen. Brown requested.

Sen. Lindsey Graham called on Congress to “do more than pray” and to enact “common-sense legislation” to deal with gun violence such as federalizing red flag laws even though they probably wouldn’t have stopped this past weekend’s events. By the way, Graham co-sponsored a federalized red flag bill with Sen. Richard Blumenthal last year.

Trump said on Sunday that “we have got to get [gun violence] stopped because “[it] has been going on for years and years.” We don’t know yet what he has in mind, but Trump has already established himself as a fan of the Far-Left’s anti-gun agenda, including the denial of due process rights.

There are also faux conservatives in the media playing political games with the tragedies. Mark Levin of BlazeTV’s pro-Trump echo chamber attacked Democrats for politicizing the shootings while defending Trump. Additionally, Steve Deace called for a “national discussion” about where we are regarding “screening, mental health, spirituality, etc.”

Maybe it’s just me, but my guard goes up anytime I hear phrases like “national discussion” when my constitutional rights are involved. And don’t the words “screening” and “mental health” sound a lot like the language we hear from the Far-Left whenever they talk about things like requiring a license to own a gun, creating a national gun registry, or passing red flag laws?

Politicizing gun violence to advance an agenda is abhorrent, and both sides of the unibrow, with the help of their enablers, are guilty of doing it.

One last thought.

I’d be in favor of a “discussion” on how to deal with gun violence, but only if we talk about the entire problem, including the real reason America is in this mess in the first place . . . the rejection of God. We have abandoned the One who gives us the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, choosing instead to allow government to fill that role — a government motivated to do whatever is necessary to protect its own interest over the interests of America.

James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, once said, “We have staked the future of all our political institutions upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.”

To God and Mr. Madison, please forgive us. We failed you.


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