Will SCOTUS complete the trifecta of tyranny against Second Amendment?

So far this week, we’ve seen Trump and the GOP respond to the recent mass shootings exactly as expected, complete with a cornucopia of anti-Second Amendment proposals “guaranteed” to bring an end to gun violence in America forever.

In full “bipartisan” fashion, red and blue members of the Unibrow Party continued the tradition of using tragedies like the shootings in El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH — not Toledo, Mr. President — to advance their anti-liberty/pro-Big Brother agendas.

Bringing up the rear, Trump appeared before the country to condemn the “hatred” he’s partially responsible for and introduced a list of liberty-killing gun-control measures reminiscent of the liberty-killing laws passed by George W. Bush and the Unibrow post-9/11.

And there are other liberty-killing measures yet to come, such as the TAPS Act of 2019 — a bill that empowers government to “predict” the likelihood of you committing a crime using a firearm and then use that information to deny your right to own one to prevent you from committing that crime.

At least we can count on the courts to protect our Constitutional rights. Can’t we? Well, to quote Bill Lumbergh in Office Space…

Remington Arms recently asked the Supreme Court to hear their appeal of a Connecticut Supreme Court ruling that allows gun manufacturers to be held liable for the Sandy Hook shooting that took place in 2012. A lower court had dismissed the case under the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, a law protecting manufacturers and dealers from being held liable when a crime is committed with one of their products.

If the High Court refuses to hear the case — it has avoided Second Amendment cases since the Heller Decision over ten years ago — the lower court ruling becomes final, and the first steps toward banning guns by driving manufacturers and dealers out of business via lawsuits will have been taken.

But even if they take the case, the Trump Supreme Court has proven to be a very unreliable protector of the Constitution.

In the end, the outcome of the Remington appeal could be a moot point.

At about the same time Marco Rubio was cosponsoring the TAPS Act a few months ago, Democrats in Congress introduced the Equal Access to Justice for Victims of Gun Violence Act. The proposed legislation would repeal federal protections for arms manufacturers and dealers, opening the spigot to big paydays for “victims of gun violence,” and eventually the government.

Destroy the Constitution and get paid too? Talk about a win-win.

With the executive and legislative branches of government already driving the gun-control agenda, SCOTUS could complete the trifecta of tyranny and guarantee the end of the Second Amendment.


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