The duty to defy: A response to lawlessness in American politics

In dedication to defiance, in tribute to treason and in respect of rebellion, I am obligated to speak out. For the moment I will lay aside party affiliation, political bias and group activity if only to isolate my following opinions from those I have offered my support. I am an American, a voice of dissent, and an individual who can no longer abide the woeful condition of my country nor the neglect it has suffered at the hands of its government’s masters.

We have echoes of wisdom calling to us in warning from across the centuries of our existence. The men, brilliant enough to lay the framework for a contained government, who wrote the oldest existing contract signed between that government and its people and who saw fit to place heavy restraints of authority on their public servants, were the same who had exiled the previous form to which they were subjects. They witnessed, first hand, the lengths to which rulers would go to maintain control of the people.

That same generation endured great hardship, lost life, lost limb, lost wealth, lost families, lost homes and nearly lost the cause that gave the rest their worth. Our unwillingness to heed their warnings or follow their example has ensured their sacrifice was in vain.

This is not some manifesto to justify criminal acts. To find those you have only to look to the propaganda mills of both parties in the mainstream media, talk radio and the blogosphere. Their spinsurrection has rendered objective truth obsolete. Political protectionism, damage control and willful denial of facts has proven the impotence of justice in the face of hyper-partisan absolution.

We have surrendered our civic roles and with them, all benefit of citizenship. What is left of America for which we can boast? Can we lean on moral superiority? Can we claim to fight injustice, that no one is above the law? Can we praise a heritage of family values? Do we observe any adherence to nature’s law or nature’s God? Do we represent the last habitation of Judeo-Christian values upon which all of western civilization was once established? Surely we can lay proud claim to a deep compassion for the weary foreigner, the sojourner, the refugee or the immigrant among us. We were human beings prior to becoming Americans, right?

We have fashioned our politicians in our own image. We have grown leaders among us and foisted them upon the electorate. We have, then, followed them in ways and to places that we were never meant to go. We buy, sell and trade scandals in exchange for control…but not for ourselves. We need no self-control. We do this to control the others, to keep them at bay. I said we have surrendered, but we have really only succumbed to the weakest elements of our nature.

I poured out my contempt on the options presented to us in 2016. For the first time in American history (to my knowledge) the Constitution was not on the ballot. Rather, we had two candidates, both under suspicion of impropriety, corruption and both racked with a history of scandal that preceded their own political ambitions.

They demonstrated a private contempt for the Constitutional limitations to the office they sought. They called into question the institutions of America’s exceptionalism, if only by their prominent presence in the presidential race. Yet, disregarding the warnings, premonitions of buyer’s remorse and the nagging fear by many that one of them would actually be elected, the people put them there. We, the People of the United States chose the favorite among two destroyers.

These “Lesser of Two Evils” were not draft picks in a televised sport. They represented a drift in two directions from our Constitutional core. One claimed to be a philosophical descendant of the “early 20th century progressives” who introduced forced sterilization, eugenics and segregation into the American lexicon. She demanded we adopt the oppressive tendencies our grandparents took up arms against in the last century.

The other abstractly enlisted the aid of a foreign power, openly admitted to buying political influence, was on record calling for policies that were anything but conservative and has now implemented degrees of those policies to a standing ovation in the Republican Party. He had no tether to the Constitutional foundations of our country so his leadership inspires his support base to concede their own.

There is no greater indictment of the electorate, as a whole, than what transpired last week. A predatory parasite of a human being, facing trial for sex trafficking and raping underage girls as well as providing other wealthy and powerful individuals the opportunity to do the same, can be found on the brink of death in his cell on suicide watch under observation of malfunctioning cameras.

The American people, nearly to the last person, repudiated this monster and his actions. However, former 2016 Democrat candidate for president, Hillary Clinton’s husband, Bill Clinton (former President of the United States) can have close enough ties to Jeffrey Epstein to be suspected of indirect involvement in his death. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton’s rival in the 2016 election and subsequent victor in the race for president, Donald Trump, also had close enough ties to the pedophile billionaire to be equally suspected of indirect involvement in his death.

To further complicate matters, both Clintons and Trump were known to be on friendly terms in the same time frame as their association with Epstein. The People are not fooled. His death was to prevent the many wealthy and powerful people in politics from being exposed for their participation in his operation.

This is the condition of America’s judgment (yes the pun can be intended). If the American people can be convinced that a political hit happened in America to protect powerful people and their first instinct is point the other way for where the blame lies, they are both wrong. These are the chosen ones in your eyes. They are the ones you hand picked to rule over you. No matter who won, the outcome was inevitable. Their own base, out of necessity, was going to impart them with presidential infallibility.

There is a quote, wrongly attributed to Thomas Jefferson, that has never been more appropriate to deliver than now: “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”

So long as this level of corruption exists in the highest offices of the land, we should refuse any further edicts or orders. We should not openly rebel nor should we stand idly by and passively allow this wickedness to continue unchallenged. Those on both sides are complicit, if not collaborators in the destruction of justice.

The Tories in the Republican party, so eager to crown the president, need to pick a side, America or a man, and quickly. The Socialists in the Democrat Party need to cease their assault on our Republic or they will face the ghosts of our grandfathers resurrected in us. Both have subordinated the Constitution to ambition for greater power over the individual. Both have chosen to rob us of fundamental rights, violate the contract with the people as well as actively participate in the erosion of liberty and the rule of law.

Until they have once again established some form of restraint over themselves, there is no recourse left to us but to nullify any further infringement on the rights they were elected to protect. We the people have a right and obligation to defy unjust laws. We owe it to our descendants to set aright what we have, for too long, allowed to continue unobstructed.

We need to revive a level of defiance that has been absent in America since its birth. I want resignations not regulations. I will not follow these “Leaders” into hell.

“I Will Not Comply.”


Eric Buss is an avid reader and studies history, military, philosophy and politics.

He considers himself a Christian Conservatarian