Obama using Charlotte, NC riots to grow his Gestapo


In the aftermath of the riots in Charlotte, NC–an event that is becoming the new norm anytime a person of color is involved in a shooting by police–a State of Emergency has been declared by North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory. As a result, the NC National Guard and the NC Highway Patrol will be deployed to Charlotte at the request of local law enforcement.

Also to be deployed, apparently at the request of the Democrat Mayor of Charlotte, Jennifer Watson Roberts, will be several “Community Relations Officers” from Obama’s Department of Justice along with the DOJ’s Office of Community Oriented Police and members of the FBI. While Loretta Lynch is calling for a “peaceful way forward” in the aftermath of these events, this has all the makings of the rapidly escalating war on law enforcement Obama has been waging in order to advance his agenda to nationalize America’s police force.

This pattern is strikingly similar to actions taken by the Administration following the riots in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD. The DOJ rides to the rescue when the situation is still hot, and by the time they are finished “helping,” another police department has been assimilated into the Obama Gestapo.

If past practices are any indication, look for a lawsuit to be filed by the DOJ against Charlotte, NC alleging constitutional and civil rights violations by the police–even if they are exonerated in the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. Once filed, the Democrat leaders will play the White Guilt card, admit their sins–real or imagined–and turn the keys over to Obama in an act of complete capitulation.

By the way, Obama has an open civil rights lawsuit against North Carolina due to HB2; the transgender bathroom bill. Don’t think for a minute that this shooting tragedy won’t be used as additional leverage to impose his dictatorial will on the citizens of the Tar Heel State . . . and maybe even pick up a vote or two for Hillary as a bonus.


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