Trump assumes command of Obama’s Gestapo

During the monarchial reign of Barack Obama, the ex-president was well-known for his agenda-driven disregard of the limitations placed on the federal government by the Founding Fathers within the Constitution. As a result, Washington’s power grew as it achieved greater control over areas of American life that the Founders believed belonged to the states.

One such area was that of local law enforcement. After pledging to build a “civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the military, Obama used a mix of gun violence and racial conflicts as a foundation to build a federally controlled nationalized police force.

But hey, Obama’s no longer the president, so the threat of an American, 21st Century Gestapo is gone now, right? Well… as Master Yoda once said:

“Much to learn . . . you still have.”

In the final days of the Obama administration, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch leveraged Chicago’s escalating gun violence to conclude that the Chicago police department needed major reform in order to reduce such violence, and unnecessarily provide additional protection of the Constitutional rights of minorities. And the way to accomplish such reform is to turn local control of law enforcement over to the courts via a “consent decree” as was done in Baltimore, MD and Ferguson, MO.

Even though yet-to-be-confirmed Attorney General Jeff Sessions has shown little enthusiasm for the approach taken by his predecessor, Donald Trump has indicated that he might favor Obama’s nationalized police force philosophy as a way to deal with Chicago’s gun violence epidemic.

After getting his info from Bill O’Reilly, who got his info from the Chicago Tribune–remember when Obama got his news from the media and it was considered a sign of poor leadership?–Trump tweeted:

Sounds to me like Trump is ready to assume command of Obama’s Gestapo.


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