Former director corrects Trump on Planned Parenthood’s “good work”

Donald Trump - Planned Parenthood

On the subject of abortion, Donald Trump recently confirmed that his views on the controversial subject are strikingly similar to those of Hillary Clinton. Just like Hillary, he considers the issue “settled law” and that it should be left alone… for now.

In addition, Hillary stated in an interview with Meet the Press that the unborn “person”–her words–had no rights under the Constitution, while Donald begrudgingly admitted in a town hall interview with Chris Mathews that abortion was murder — which by default means it is a person.

Often the topic of abortion turns to Planned Parenthood and whether-or-not the federal government should be funding them, particularly in light of the recent exposé that revealed the baby butcher’s money-making practice of selling the body parts of the murdered babies.

Here again, Donald Trump holds views similar to Hillary’s–not to mention just about every Democrat in the Senate along with Obama–which is that Planned Parenthood does a lot of “good things” for women:

In an interview with Newsmax TV, Abby Johnson, a former director of Planned Parenthood, directly addressed Trump regarding his defense of the death factory:

My message to Donald Trump… [is] nothing Planned Parenthood does is for the greater good of women. Every single service they provide leads back to abortion.

“So why do they provide contraceptive services to women? Because they know that eventually that contraceptive will fail; 54 percent of women who have abortions were using contraception at the time they got pregnant.

“They know that method is going to fail and because they’ve already developed a relationship with that woman then that woman will come back to Planned Parenthood whenever that method did fail and they will be able to sell her on an abortion.”

According to Johnson, it’s even the reason behind providing STD services:

“Why do they provide STD services? Because they care about eradicating STDs? No, because they want to have that first point of contact with a person who is participating in high-risk sexual behavior.

“Because they know that that person has a greater chance of having an unplanned pregnancy and that’s a person they can sell an abortion to. Every single service leads back to abortion.” (emphasis mine)

Conservatives have always been concerned that Trump isn’t really the Conservative he claims to be. And as the evidence continues to mount concerning his ever-changing positions on abortion and Planned Parenthood, he doesn’t appear to be pro-life either.


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