Attorneys General ready to prosecute global warming deniers

Global warming - embarrassed polar bear

Just last month I wrote an article about how Obama’s Department of Justice–an oxymoron if I ever heard one–was considering the possibility of filing lawsuits against the so-called fossil fuel industry. Not for actual damages done to the environment, but for denying the hoax known as global warming… I mean climate change… No, wait! I think they are calling it climate disruption now.

Good thing the science is settled. Right?

Anyway, while it looks like the plans by Loretta Lynch’s office appear to be on hold–probably because she’s so busy investigating covering up Hillary’s email scandal–sixteen attorneys general have formed “AGs United for Clean Power.”

According to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman: since climate change is real, this group of left-wing extremists will pursue any company “to the fullest extent of the law” who commit the crime of “lying” about their unproven scientific theory.

Of course by lying, they mean denying.

These leaders of what has become known as the Climate Change Inquisition have the stated goal of “Defending climate change progress made under President Obama and to push the next president for even more aggressive action.”

At a press conference announcing their creation, the members of the AGUCP was joined on stage by Al Gore, the man who predicted that the North Pole would be “ice free” by 2012; then 2013; then 2014 due to global warming. While ignoring the inconvenient truth–pardon the pun–of his many failed prediction, Gore praised this coalition of like-minded loons:

“What these attorneys general are doing is exceptionally important.”

When asked about the obvious violation of the Constitution’s protection of free speech, Schneiderman quickly dismissed those concerns. According the NY AG, deniers of climate change are committing fraud, so their right to free speech is unprotected.


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