Liberals use Alinsky tactics to “fix” illegal alien problem

Illegal immigration - aliensWhen liberals are faced with the challenge of finding ways to advance their progressive agenda, they will often refer to the socialist bible–commonly known as Rules for Radicals–and the gospel of Saul Alinsky. And they will most likely go right to the chapter on how to use communication, because that is where they learn how to overcome any objection by hijacking and manipulating language.

We don’t have homosexuals – we have gays and lesbians. We don’t have a global warming problem – we have a climate change problem. We don’t have Islamic terrorism – we have man-caused disasters or workplace violence.

Well, you get the idea.

One area where liberals are experiencing a great deal of success with their Alinsky tactics is with illegal immigration. There is a growing movement picking up steam as legislators across America are changing the words used to describe the problem.

For example: the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives in Colorado just passed a bill banning the words “illegal alien” and “alien” from state statute. HB-1396 will replace those words with “undocumented Democrat.” Oops, I’m sorry. I mean “undocumented immigrant” or “foreign national.”

This comes on the heels of a series of other moves to change the language:

  • The Library of Congress moved to remove “illegal alien” and “alien” from all subject headings.
  • Governor Jerry Brown signed a law that removed the term “alien” from the California labor code.
  • Representative Joaquin Castro (D-TX)–no relation to the communist leader of Cuba other than their political philosophies–introduced legislation in Congress to eliminate “alien” and “illegal alien” from federal statute and agency materials.

I think Saul Alinsky would be proud of his disciples.


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