Trump and Hillary hold same views on abortion

Trump vs Clinton

Donald Trump created quite a ruckus last week with the abortion issue after he commented during a town hall interview on MSNBC that women should be criminally punished for having an abortion. And things got worse for the man who has been on both sides of this issue over the past few years when he took both sides of the issue over the past few days.

His flip-flop was made complete on CBS’s Face the Nation yesterday. Even though he would admit to John Dickerson that abortion was murder–an admission he tried very hard not to make–Trump stated that the laws regarding abortion are set right now “and I think we have to leave it that way.”

Not surprisingly, Trump’s likely opponent for president if he succeeds in becoming the nominee–Hillary Clinton–holds a similar position on the abortion issue.

In an interview with Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press, Hillary was asked if the unborn were entitled to any legal protection under the law. She replied:

“The unborn PERSON doesn’t have constitutional rights.” (emphasis mine)

And she summarized her response by saying that women should never be forced to sacrifice their right to make such decisions, and that Roe v. Wade is “enshrined” in the Constitution.

So we have Donald Trump agreeing that abortion is murder, and we have Hillary Clinton admitting that the unborn baby is a “person” — with both of them supporting the status quo.

The concern by Conservatives with a Trump nomination is that Hillary will beat him in November–a fear backed by the polls–but even he wins, Trump and Hillary are one and the same on abortion.


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