False prophets defend Trump, destroy faith, and demolish America

When Mitch McConnell defends Trump’s unethical and un-presidential behavior — as he did last week after Trump admitted he’d accept dirt on his political enemies from a foreign government — it serves as a reminder of how decrepit he is, and how there is no depth to which he won’t sink to protect his political power.

Likewise, when Franklin Graham and other members of the Fellowship of the Pharisees defend Trump’ unethical and un-Christian behavior — as we’ve seen in abundance from Graham, Robert Jeffress, Jerry Falwell, Jr. — it serves as a reminder of how decrepit so-called evangelicals have become, and how there is no depth to which they won’t sink to protect their political power.

Two weeks ago yesterday (June 2), Franklin Graham proclaimed a day of prayer for Donald Trump, not to pray for his redemption that he might govern wisely, but to pray against his political enemies — aka anyone who opposes Trump for any reason.

Graham’s day of prayer against Trump’s enemies wasn’t an aberration. After all, the son of Billy Graham declared long ago Trump was God’s chosen candidate in 2016, and he could be one of the “best presidents in history” if not for the constant attacks he receives from Democrats, the media, and those blind never-Trump evangelicals Robert Jeffress likes to call “spineless morons.”

If anything, Graham’s day of prayer was the pinnacle, the crowning achievement of the same kind of cheap grace theology that gave rise to Hitler and Nazi Germany … but with the added dimension of false prophets to help spread the heresy.

In the days leading up to Graham’s spiritual illusion, Pastor Robert Henderson, who claims he lobbied “the courts of heaven” to help Trump get elected, declared on The Jim Bakker Show that anyone who opposes Trump is, in fact, opposing God himself and will be judged.

Later in the show, Henderson tearfully prayed for Trump and asked God to “arise and defend” him. He went on to request that God would hold Trump’s enemies “in contempt of court” and “speak [his] wrath” against them for opposing him.

Trump’s unethical and immoral behavior has been on display from the very beginning, yet the Fellowship of the Pharisees and so-called evangelicals continue to defend him, destroying faith and demolishing America along the way. Like the Laodicean church spoken of in the Book of Revelation, they have become lazy as they bask in their riches, not realizing they are pitiful blind beggars who have become lukewarm.

America needs revival and a return to moral character, beginning with evangelicals and reaching to the leaders they vote for.



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