Franklin Graham: A Pharisee trading the gospel for political power

Which came first … the chicken or the egg?

Much like this age-old question, the question about Trump’s role in the destruction of conservatism has been debated from the day he rode down the escalator in Trump Tower in 2015 to announce his candidacy.

In other words, did Trump destroy conservatism or is he a result of a movement that was already destroyed? An argument can be made in support of both sides of this discussion.

Mitch McConnell and the GOP establishment he represents have been targeting conservatives since the days of George W. Bush. Mickey succeeded in “crushing” the TEA Party and other conservative opposition, resulting in a politically adulterous affair between groups like TEA Party Patriots and the GOP establishment.

On the other hand, until Trump arrived on the Republican scene, people like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in the Senate and Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan in the House stood against the values of the NY Liberal; however, as we now know, these former conservatives happily promote Trumpservatism as the new conservatism.

And don’t even get me started on the role the faux conservative media has played and continues to play in the destruction of our conservative values in the Age of Trump.

It’s a sad reality that politicians are gonna politician, but the greater tragedy in the Age of Trump has been the damage done to the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the hands of the Fellowship of the Pharisees and so-called Evangelicals who have sacrificed morality and Godliness on the altar of Trumpism.

When Robert Jeffress isn’t calling believers “spineless morons” for not embracing Trumpism, Franklin Graham is busy being a Pharisee and false prophet as evidence of his sycophancy for Trump.

On Wednesday, I shared how Graham was calling out Democrat candidate for president Pete Buttigieg for boasting about being a homosexual Christian and demanding that he repent.

Graham would be correct in identifying homosexuality as a sin and encouraging Buttigieg to repent, but his Pharisaical warning is meaningless and hypocritical. Why? Because Graham has not only failed to call on Trump to repent for his lying and adultery; he has openly defended Trump’s affair with a porn star and his serial lying.

The recent sex scandal involving Scouts BSA is an example of what happens when moral leadership and Godly values are abandoned and why they still matter today. Sadly, Franklin Graham and the rest of the Fellowship of the Pharisees have sacrificed these values on the altar of Trumpism in exchange for a seat at Trump’s table.



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