Evangelicals defend the indefensible for crumbs from Trump’s table

Which way will conservatives go? In a piece at TheResurgent.com, Erick Erickson tried to answer that question as those on the “right” find themselves stuck-in-the-middle between their love for the rule of law and their hatred of liberals. Unfortunately, Erick’s conclusion provides little hope that conservatives, particularly Christian conservatives, will make the “right” choice.

In the age of Donald Trump, where defending the indefensible is considered the price we have to pay in order to “beat the left,” we are witnessing what happens after decades of moral relativism and lukewarm Christianity. Choosing to do what’s right in our own eyes, we scarf down the crumbs falling on the floor from the king’s table under the delusion that doing so means we have a seat in his dining hall.

Here’s the latest example of what I mean.

In an interview behind closed doors on Capitol Hill yesterday, Jared Kushner assured investigators looking into Trump’s Russian scandal that he did not “collude, or know of anyone else in the campaign who colluded, with any foreign government.”

Is Jared telling the truth? He must be since he said it, right?

Of course, it’s possible he is telling the truth, but we aren’t likely to know that until the investigation is over. However, when you’re willing to compromise your Christian values and sacrifice the rule of law in order to garner the king’s favor, you fight your way to the front of the line to defend the prince–as this list of modern-day Pharisees did yesterday:

Jerry Falwell Jr., president, Liberty University

“I believe the only criminal collusion occurring over the last year has been collusion between the media and government officials who are holdovers from the Obama administration leaking classified and secret information in an attempt to discredit our president. Through their actions, they are aiding and abetting those abroad who wanted to divide our country in 2016.

“The endless attempts by the media to keep the fake Russia collusion story alive solely to obstruct the president’s agenda have destroyed the media’s credibility with the people and needs to stop. In Jared Kushner, they’ve picked the wrong fight. I don’t know a more competent person. He is brilliant and is a man of the highest integrity.”

George Wood, general superintendent, Assemblies of God

“Several weeks ago I had the privilege of having dinner with Jared and Ivanka. They are incredibly kind and gracious people. I deplore that politics in this country has descended into blood-sport wherein good people like the Kushners, in order to serve the country they love, must endure unfounded attacks on their character, honesty, and trustworthiness.”

Pastor David Jeremiah

“I can’t help but admire Jared and Ivanka. The two of them have put their lives entirely on hold in order to pursue the good of their nation, and I have found them to be particularly interested in our concerns as evangelical Christians. It’s just like God to use a young Jewish couple to help Christians in the United States defend their rights, and secure their religious freedom for now, and for subsequent generations.”

Pastor Paula White

“I’ve known Jared for many years. He’s a man of integrity, character, and a great, personal friend. Clearly, this Russian story is nonsense and it must end, enough-is-enough.”

Pastor Robert Jeffress

“Jared Kushner is a friend of mine with impeccable character. His testimony today will reveal that his limited contacts with Russian representatives were completely within his role as the liaison between the Trump campaign and foreign governments. We are fortunate that a man as gifted as Jared Kushner is willing to sacrifice so much to serve our country.”

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

“I have found every interaction with Jared Kushner to be exemplary. He is clearly an extraordinary individual, with obvious integrity, and he has been a great gift to the evangelical community. We have always found him to be ‘an ever-present help in time of need.’ There are few things I’m sure of in the world we are living in today, but one of thing I am sure of is that Jared Kushner is a good man, and I’m honored to know him.”

Dr. Jack Graham

“I met Jared Kushner over the 2016 presidential campaign, and I found the president’s son-in-law to be a brilliant and quiet-spoken individual who was always interested in what was good for our evangelical community. He was often — and remains — our key liaison between the between the campaign and now the White House and the president. I’ve never known him not to take seriously any question or issue we’ve raised with him. I’m proud to know him and thankful for the position he’s in.”

Bishop Harry Jackson

“My heart immediately connected with Jared’s over our mutual concern for criminal justice reform. He clearly is a man whose heart for our nation is only matched by his mind. I am honored to know him and — like many Christians in this country — I am heartened to know that day in and day out he is working for the people’s interests in the people’s house.”

Dr. Ronnie Floyd

“From the beginning of my own interaction with President Trump, there has been one person always there at every meeting, available to answer every question, and immediately following up upon concerns of our community. That person is Jared Kushner. Though, I don’t know him personally, I think I reflect the sentiment of many evangelicals across the country when I say that we view Jared as a close friend, who is deeply concerned that our issues remain at the forefront, and that the president’s promises are fulfilled as it relates to our community. I admire him and appreciate his service to our country.”

Did these modern-day Pharisees defend Jared because the evidence proved his innocence? No. According to them, Jared is innocent because the media is fake, the Russia investigation is nonsense, and Jared is a man of “the highest integrity.”

Sounds like they were reading from Trump’s Twitter account, doesn’t it? Heck, maybe they were.

In the end, this is what you get with today’s Evangelical and Christian conservative. But hey, as long as they get to partake of the crumbs falling from Trump’s table, it’s all good!


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