Jerry Falwell, Jr. leads the Fellowship of the Pharisees defending Trump

Back in June, following one of Trump’s infamous displays of un-presidential and morally bankrupt behavior, I wrote an article calling out his so-called Evangelical supporters to apologize for their moral relativism as they defended his indefensible actions; sacrificing the gospel and their testimonies on the altar of compromise.

Unfortunately, no such apology is likely. In fact, the Fraternity of the Pharisees passing themselves off as the voice of God within the administration continue to operate from their hardened hearts. The latest example comes to us courtesy of Jerry Falwell, Jr. following Trump’s pathetic response to the events in Charlottesville, VA last week where he stated that there were “some very fine people on both sides” of the riot.

NOTE: For the record, there are no “fine people” in Neo-Nazi groups, the KKK, or Antifa.

After Trump’s clearly inappropriate response to the riot, he lost the support of business leaders, members of the GOP, and one of the pastors on his religious advisory board, Pastor A.R. Bernard. In his official statement, Bernard stated that “it had become obvious that there was a deepening conflict in values between (him)self and the administration.”

But no such conflict exists in the world of Jerry Falwell, Jr, however, as he immediately tweeted after Trump’s “foot-in-mouth” moment that he was “so proud” of the New York liberal.

For added emphasis, not to mention a ton of TV face-time, Falwell repeated his defense of Trump on the weekend talk shows, calling anyone who criticized the president “thin-skinned.”

I would like to ask Mr. Falwell, the president of Liberty University–where alumni are returning their diplomas in protest of Falwell’s bromance with the president and the damage that is doing to the cause of Christ–if there’s anything else Trump has done that he’s proud of.

Is he proud of Trump’s broken promises to Israel?

Is he proud that Trump kept Obama’s LGBT federal contractors in place?

Is he proud that Trump is enforcing Obama’s transgender policies in the public schools?

Is he proud that Trump continues to fund Planned Parenthood?

What about Trump’s habitual lying? Is Mr. Falwell proud of that too?

Clearly, Falwell will defend Trump no matter what. After all, that’s what the Fellowship of the Pharisees, or cult followers, if you prefer, usually do.

And for those who want to “judge” me for calling Falwell and the rest of the Fellowship of the Pharisees cult-like for their behavior, consider this tidbit from the Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center, Ed Stetzer. In a piece he wrote for Christianity Today, Stetzer convincingly warns that those who defend everything Trump does wrong are engaging in a form of idolatry.

“If you have elevated President Trump, or former President Obama, or anyone else to a level that you will not speak out when egregious, divisive errors are made, then you are showing the world your god is not the King of Kings, but a commander-in-chief. Whomever you perceive as perfect you will elevate as a savior and worship as a god. This is 21st century idolatry.”

Nailed it!


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